Sesame Street Helps Families At Home with Free Online Material

Sesame Street Helps Families At Home with Free Online Material

          These days, millions of people are trapped around the world due to the COVID-19 virus. This is not an easy task for families with small children. Keeping children entertained throughout the day really requires patience and creativity. Suddenly the school's daily routine moved into the houses. Some houses are taught for hours. Parents who have to work at home and also have to take care of their children can be helpless. However, this is a mandatory development. There is a health emergency in the world and we can only survive this by thinking positively and motivating ourselves and our family. We have to be strong now. This is a worldwide problem.

           Yes, it’s not easy moments for families with kids. Children's day is not only spent with lessons, but it is also necessary to make the best of their free time at home. Are you among those who are desperate against this new situation? Do you think about how do I manage my child when I am bored and afraid? Now all the games in the house are over and you are looking for innovation? So we have good news for you. Someone who we love for years, who are friends with us in our childhood, and now our children, is running to our aid in this difficult period.

          Sesame Street, non-profit sesame workshop offers many free resources to support families during this period and ensure that children have both fun and educational time. They named this initiative, caring for each other.

          This free service provided by the sesame workshop aims to help parents as well as children. The resources included are designed to help parents manage anxiety as well as create a routine, encourage fun learning at home and stay physically and mentally active.

          As well as learning content that includes topics such as how to wash hands, properly coughing or sneezing and how to deal with each other, families can also watch various sesame street sections at HBO and PBS stations with children. In addition, it is possible to find over 110 free sesame street ebooks on all major ebook platforms, including amazon kindle, apple books, Barnes and noble book, google play and kobo.

          The lives of young children all over the world have changed in ways they do not understand. Parents and caregivers are seeking ways to give their children and themselves a sense of stability in this newly developing normality. The sesame workshop will be with children and families during this period of uncertain times and supplies them with constant innovations. At the home page, you can find videos named: Watch & learn, with many important pieces of information about health too.
Another interesting part is to play and learn online and play and learn offline with a lot of play material. You can also check the e-books.

          It will be able for kids to learn how to protect themselves and their families, to play sesame street plays and to spend their time at home functionally.
Parents  may have the possibility to take pieces of information, such:
  1. ·         How to talk with the kids about COVID19?
  2. ·         How to take care of oneself?
  3. ·         How to soothing and comforting each other?
  4. ·         How to create routines for every day?

          You can reach the information and materials on this subject from the caring for each other web page.

          You can subscribe to the newsletter address of page and be aware of all the innovations.

          You can also log in from sesame street in communities links to review the newly added materials. There is a parent portal for different areas. You can get at the sesame street in communities the resources you need to help your kids and your family. There is a professional development category with different webinars, courses and videos. At the different topics, you can find many pieces of information for parents about autism, asthma, health, eating habits, playing with kids, languages and much more useful things for every family. You can also find much more printable material.

          Have a good time with your children by taking advantage of this beautiful opportunity offered by Sesame workshop. It is possible to overcome these difficult days by paying attention to each other. Stay healthy. Stay at home. Elmo and other Muppets are staying with you at home too.

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