Sesame Street Episode 4180 Elmo wants to be like Gordon

Sesame Street Episode 4180
Elmo wants to be like Gordon
Season 39 (2008)

Gordon steps out of Hooper's Store, greets Murray Monster, and welcomes the viewers. As he strolls down the street, he says hello to Elmo, who admires Gordon greatly. Suddenly, Elmo has an idea and rushes off. Gordon then chats with Oscar, who needs to feed his pet pig, Spot. Gordon takes a seat on the stairs to read his newspaper and finds Elmo beside him, dressed identically with a fake mustache and a brown shower cap.

Elmo engages in small talk, imitating Gordon. He notices Elmo's newspaper is upside-down and corrects it. Elmo explains that it's moments like these that make him want to be like Gordon. The Count passes by, searching for something to count. He spots Elmo and Gordon on the stoop and counts two Gordons, their newspapers, their mustaches, and one shower cap.

As they continue reading, Elmo inquires if Gordon has any plans for the day. Gordon doesn't have anything scheduled, but Elmo suggests doing the "Chicken Dance" like Gordon. Four chickens join them, and they all perform "The Chicken Dance" together. Big Bird approaches the stoop and comments on Elmo's resemblance to Gordon. He asks Gordon to read Humpty Dumpty to him.

Gordon begins to read, but Elmo interrupts, wanting to read the story like Gordon. However, Elmo can't read yet. Gordon reassures Elmo that he will be able to read when he's older. Gordon continues reading the story, and suddenly, Humpty Dumpty himself appears, wearing a mustache and shower cap. He explains that since Gordon read his book so well, he, along with the knights and horses, wants to be just like Gordon too! Amused, Gordon exclaims, "I had no idea it was such fun being me!"

Celebrity Jonah Hill visits Sesame Street and proudly shows Elmo his mustache.

In the segment "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to a secret school using the clues of un bate (a bat), un guante (a glove), and una pelota (a ball). The school is revealed to be a baseball school where children practice their baseball skills. After some practice, Murray successfully hits a home run.

Elmo sings "Elmo's Ducks" while his ducks are gradually subtracted one by one.

Baby Bear gets a new vest covered in numbers. On the back of the vest is the number of the day, which happens to be 12.

Grover tries to sell Mr. Johnson a wig. After several attempts, they find one that suits Mr. Johnson perfectly, only to discover it's actually a guinea pig.

In the "Elmo's World" segment, the topic of the day is eyes.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter I and by the number 12.

  2. Heh-I remember the red guy combing his hair and the 'talking' tiles before that.