Sesame Street Episode 4173 Abby thinks Oscar is a prince

Sesame Street Episode 4173
Abby thinks Oscar is a prince
Season 39 (2008)

In this episode's street scene, Abby Cadabby listens to Chris reading "The Frog Prince" and becomes fascinated by the idea that a frog could be an enchanted prince. As she walks down Sesame Street, she wonders if someone on the street could be a prince. When she sees Oscar the Grouch, she gets the idea that he may be an enchanted prince.

In Abby's imagination, she tells a fairy tale about Oscar's origin. He was once a handsome, kind prince who received trashy treasures from his subjects until a Fairy Grouchmother witnessed this and, disgusted, turned him into a Grouch. Back in reality, Abby believes it's her duty to kiss Oscar and make him a prince again. She tells Oscar she's going to kiss him, but he resists. He shuts his trash can lid, puts on a protective mask, hangs a "No Kissing" sign, and announces that his trash can is now a no-kissing zone.

Abby poofs herself into Oscar's trash can, attempting to find him in the dark. Instead, she ends up smooching his pets. Fearing he may be next, Oscar bounces on his trampoline and sky-rockets out of his trash can, crashing in front of Hooper's Store. There, he asks Chris for a disguise so Abby won't recognize him and kiss him. Abby poofs herself to Hooper's and sees a green man who goes by the name of James Bond, but she recognizes him as Oscar.

Chris suggests that Oscar let Abby kiss him because if nothing happens to him, Abby will see she's wrong. Abby checks her breath and kisses Oscar, but he remains the same. Abby is disappointed, and Chris explains that the frog in the story was a fairy tale frog, and most frogs are just regular frogs who like it that way. Oscar expresses his desire to be a Grouch in a song, "I Don't Wanna Be a Prince." Abby doesn't mind, as she loves Oscar anyway and begins chasing him for a hug.

The episode begins with the Word on the Street: Disguise. In a Celebrity/Muppets segment, Jack Black wears various disguises to fool Elmo, but Elmo sees through them each time, until he meets a chicken with Jack's facial hair.

A cartoon segment presents parts of a face being drawn in black on-screen before forming a complete picture. In a parody of The Tonight Show, Big Bird introduces Snuffy, who will present the letter B on his back. However, Big Bird sees no B, until he spots Slimey on Snuffy's back, wearing a hat with a B on it. A film titled "B is for Bubble" (remake) is featured, followed by a cartoon where the citizens of Begonia Park have the blues until a bus with flying Bs arrives. The Bs make everyone happy with some foods that start with B.

Keb Mo sings "Everybody Be Yo'Self" with the Sesame Street cast. Big Bird presents Snuffy, who will wear a banner with a 17 on it. Big Bird sees no 17 on Snuffy's banner until Snuffy turns around and shows it on the other side. In a cartoon segment, Rap #17 is featured, followed by an animation titled "Growing Numbers #17."

In "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela. His clues this time are una pala (shovel), tierra (dirt), and vegetales (vegetables). The school is revealed to be a gardening school, where Murray learns how to grow and take care of plants. In another segment, kids perform the Veggie Dance, expressing their love for vegetables.

In the Muppets segment "Elmo's World: Skin," Elmo explores the topic of skin. The episode ends with the sponsors being announced.


  1. Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letter B and by the number 17