Sesame Street Episode 4169 Telly the Tiebreaker

Sesame Street Episode 4169
Telly the Tiebreaker
Season 39 (2008)

In this episode's street scene, Alan serves some customers drinks at Hooper's Store and hears arguing outside. Zoe, Rosita, and Devon want to put a square on their block tower, while Elmo and Dylan want a circle. Alan solves their problem by having them take a vote. The square gets the most votes, so they put it on top and use the circle as the swimming pool.

Rosita and the two kids leave, leaving Zoe and Elmo alone. They both decide to pass the time by singing a song. Zoe wants to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," but Elmo opts for "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." They decide to take a vote on which song, but end in a tie. Zoe points out they had more people last time, so they leave to get more voters.

Zoe returns with Rocco and Elmo comes back with Dorothy. Zoe and Rocco vote for "Twinkle, Twinkle," and Elmo and Dorothy vote for "Row, Row, Row," which still results in a tie. They call Alan for help, and he points out that to settle the tie, they'll need a tiebreaker.

Telly strolls in singing a song. They give him the deal and make him the tiebreaker. He has a hard time choosing which song to vote for, so he makes them convince him which one to vote for. Zoe and Elmo go out of their way to persuade Telly to vote for each of their songs by promising outlandish ways of performing the song. Zoe promises that they could sing it on a pogo stick or on a swinging star with a chicken. Elmo claims they can sing his song on a pogo stick on a boat and in a boat with a hula-dancing pig. Telly can't decide which one to vote for and wishes he had an easier choice, like The Triangle Dance (where you dance with a triangle). Zoe and Elmo (plus their pets) think the dance sounds interesting and take a vote on it. They all vote to do the dance, and it's unanimous! A triangle whooshes in, and they all do The Triangle Dance.

The episode kicks off with a song called "Vote Song." LL Cool J, Elmo, and Abby Cadabby try to show "unanimous" by agreeing to go somewhere, but Oscar intervenes and disagrees with them, making it not unanimous. They turn the tables on him by all agreeing to not go anywhere too, and then when Oscar changes his mind, they agree with him again.

In an animation segment, a mother and daughter walk through a park, and after coming home, the child draws a picture of the things she saw there. Elmo, Zoe, and a letter A vote to see a film about the letter A. In another film, two women form the letter A while doing yoga. Dr. Grover, alphabet specialist, reassembles an injured letter "A" that has had an accident in a Muppets segment.

A clay animation orange sings "One Fine Face" as fruit forms her features. In "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Murray's lamb gives him clues to the secret school they're visiting, which turns out to be an Irish Step Dancing School. Murray struggles to learn how to kick but eventually manages to do a jig with practice.

A cartoon titled "Hop, Hop and Shake Your Head and Wriggle Like An Octopus" is featured. The two monsters vote on seeing a film about the number 9, but said number says otherwise and wishes to see a film about sheep. They compromise and watch a film about 9 and sheep. In another film, kids in Jamaica play bongo drums.

Ernie and Bert appear in a segment where Ernie sings "I Love My Room" about all the things he can do in his room, which is also Bert's room. "Elmo's World: Building Things" is another Muppets segment in the episode.