Sesame Street Episode 4160

Oscar hosts Grouch News Network
Season 38 (2007)
Tyra Banks and Anderson Cooper visit Sesame Street.

Air date: October 16, 2007 (season finale)  Written by: Belinda Ward


"What's the Word on the Street?" -- struggle

SCENE 1: GNN, Grouch News Network is the "All grouchy, all disgusting, all yucky news, all the time". Oscar the Grouch is the host of GNN. Fluffy hands Oscar a bulletin about something grouchy happening in Maria’s bathroom and at the same time some trash falls from the sky.

Sesame Street 4160

As Horatio uses Maria’s bathtub, there are live cameras at the scene of the grouchy news. Maria asks for him to get out of her tub, but this is impossible because he is stuck in the bathtub with an elephant! Without success, Maria tries pulling him out by the trunk. There will be more updates on the bathtub story and Oscar tells the viewers to stay tuned.

There is some breaking news on Grouch News Network. Cookie Monster breaks a cookie in half as he wants to eat it. He is very depressed about it. But Oscar points out that the cookie can still be eaten. One cookie is now actually two cookies. Cookie is very happy to know that and he wants to give Oscar a hug.

Sesame Street 4160

Oscar is at his trash can and he gets a call from Grundgetta. She tells that hugging on Grouch TV is not allowed. This is against GrouchCC regulations.

There is also an update on the bathtub story. Maria is still struggling to get Horatio out of the tub and lice cameras are at the scene. Gordon learned about this situation by watching GNN and he comes to help. Maria asks him "You watch Grouch News Network?" and she is confused. Gordon likes to get both sides of the story and he explains that to Maria. He wants to help to get Horatio out of the tub but finally, Maria ends up in the tub.

Grundgetta wants to complain again about the show and she calls Oscar. She tells him that this show is way too clean. Slimey, Oscar’s star reporter is digging up some dirt. He is spotting a celebrity sighting outside Hooper’s. Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty are there. They are playing a game but Sleeping Beauty has narcolepsy and this frustrates the prince. Oscar thinks that it will not be able to wake the princess with a kiss but the prince makes that. Oscar goes back to headquarters.

Sesame Street Episode 4160

Grundgetta calls to say that she will change the channel to POX News. As a goat comes with some other news, he would rather chew than give to Oscar. Oscar says: A good reporter never reveals his sources.

Again in Maria’s bathroom, they are still struggling to get Horatio out of the tub. They have practically given up because they have no results. Oscar wants to cover this story. He says that the best way to lure an elephant out of the tub is with peanuts. Bob enters with a bag of peanuts. Finally, Horatio gets out of the tub. The other congratulate Oscar on helping them.

Sesame Street 4160

Grundgetta tells Oscar that he won the Phlegmmy award for the grouchiest news show. Because of all the niceness on it, the grouches love the show. Oscar would like to thank his team but then he changes his mind. He says that he is a Grouch and Grouches never says thank you! He says Good night and good yuck as he signs off.

Film: This is a film about washing elephants at the Bronx Zoo. The song Splish Splash is also used in this segment.

Celebrity: Special guest star Tyra Banks struggling while puts on her sweater.

Sesame Street 4160

Animation: Two pipe-cleaner parents find a teddy bear between their old toys and they repair it with some chewed-up gum. They decide to give the Teddy bear to the baby.      

The Letter of the Day Games: G. Cookie Monster tries to find words with the letter of the day: G in one minute. He finds a guitar, grapes, and a girl (Prairie Dawn) carrying groceries.

Song: "Big G and Little G"

SCENE 2: GNN interrupted Oscar’s show. Anderson Cooper sits in for Oscar. Grouch newscasters Walter Cranky and Dan Rather are talking about a recent poll that shows that half of the Grouches are thinking G is a Grouchy letter. This is just because some words like goo, garbage, and gastroenteritis are starting with G. 

Sesame Street Episode 4160

But other Grouches are thinking that G is a nice letter. The words like good, gumdrop, and giggle are starting with G. Anderson asks himself: "What would Oscar do?". Suddenly Oscar comes in and he says the letter G is Grouchy because the word Grouch starts with this letter. Oscar says also that tomorrow's guest will be Meredith Beware-a.

Muppets: Elmo sings "Elmo's Ridin'". At the same time, his dad watches him riding his tricycle at the park. Other kids are playing with their scooters and they join Elmo.

Muppets: The Twiddlebugs get a flat tire as they want to go to Uncle Ollie’s surprise birthday party. Something has to replace it. Thomas suggests a triangle-shaped nacho or a square-shaped cheese cracker. But of course, it doesn’t work.

Sesame Street 4160

Muppet & Kid Moment: Abby Cadabby recites the alphabet together with another girl.

Animation: Portraits of kids display the alphabet. Artist: Lisa Crafts

Muppets: Ernie sings "Rubber Duckie."

Cartoon: This is a cartoon that explains that all living things need clean water.

The Number of the Day: 9. The number of the day is 9 and 9 nifty bats are flying and they are dressed to the nines. The Count counts till 9.

Number Guy: "How Many Sheep Will Jump Over My Bed?" The answer is 9.

Film: Milo Counting #9

Elmo's World: Helping

SCENE 3: Oscar is announcing the sponsors. After that Sesame Street Episode 4160 ends. So ends the 38th season of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Episode 4160


Muppets: Baby Bear is taking a bath and he is singing the song "Scrubby scrubby". Suddenly he discovers that Goldilocks has been also in the tub with him breathing from a snorkel.

This segment replaces the "Splish Splash" film in the online releases.


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  2. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter G and by the number 9.