Sesame Street Episode 4163 Sock chaos at the Laundromat

Sock chaos at the Laundromat
Season 39 (2008)
Chris Brown visits Sesame Street

In this episode's street scene, Chris is at the Sesame Street laundromat doing his laundry. He enjoys the noises the washing machines make and sings a variation of a song while folding his clothes. However, he notices that one of his socks is missing, leaving him with an unmatched pair. Just then, Abby Cadabby appears and decides to show Chris her "Two Trick," which turns one thing into two.

Abby casts a spell, and a talking sock appears, but it doesn't match Chris's striped sock. Instead, this new sock has pink polka dots. The talking sock decides to take a dip in the "pool" (a washing machine), and Abby tries another trick, the "More Trick," which will make more socks. With a series of poofs, a Scottish-accented argyle sock, a gym sock, a baseball sock, and a baby sock appear. The five talking socks start running amok around the laundromat, confusing Chris.

Elmo enters the laundromat and joins Abby and the socks in doing the "Five Sock Conga." The socks go looking for Chris's missing sock when a lady returns with the missing sock, which had somehow ended up in her laundry basket. Chris finally has all his laundry done and is ready to go home, but now the socks want to follow him home as they continue to conga.

In another street scene, Big Bird comes rushing in, looking for the letter of the day, K, and finds it in his nest. Later, Rosita frantically searches for the number of the day (5) and also finds it in Big Bird's nest. At the end of the episode, Big Bird and Snuffy announce the sponsors and celebrate the success of their nest sale with birdseed milkshakes.

In a song titled "(The Name of the Place is) The Laundromat," the laundromat is introduced in a lively manner. In an animation, an orange sock searches for its match. Celebrity guest Chris Brown and Elmo sing "See the Signs," teaching children about different signs they may encounter in their daily lives.

The episode also includes a cartoon called "Alphabet Jungle," which showcases the alphabet in a fun and engaging way. In another animation, construction equipment builds the letter K. A film segment presents a Jaws spoof that highlights the letter K.

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures take them on a pirate journey in search of treasure. On their quest, they encounter a monkey who steals their map and requires them to swap Bert's clothes to retrieve it. They find a treasure chest full of socks and use it as a floating device while using the socks as flags.

The episode features a counting animation called "Five Waltzing Chairs," where five chairs dance gracefully. Another cartoon presents five of various things found in space, including five spaceships.

In "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to a secret school where children learn about bugs, amphibians, reptiles, and camouflage at the Science and Nature program at the American Museum of Natural History. They also go on a safari outside.

A song performed by sand creatures illustrates the concept of camouflage. Finally, "Elmo's World: Feet" segment teaches children about feet and their functions.