Sesame Street Episode 4159

Sesame Street Episode 4159 Video

Rosita Gets Upset at Zoe and Abby
Season 38

"What's the Word on the Street?" – Angry

Scenes: Rosita and Zoe feels excited about their play date. When they begin to play hide-and-seek, Abby Cadabby poofs up out of nowhere. Rosita would demonstrate Abby Cadabby how they play hide-and-seek, but suddenly Abby talks about another game, "Jumping Rhymes"that piques Zoe's interests. Zoe and Abby are good, but Rosita has some problems about spelling some words in rhyme such as chair. Rosita insists on playing hide and seek and asks how to play, when Rosita counts, Zoe and Abby hide, but at this time Abby sees Zuzu’s tutu and impressed so much and asks her to teach how to dance. Rosita finishes to count and open her eyes to expect to see friends hidden, but she meets dancing friends. It gets her angry and leaves from the Street.

Sesame Street 4159

Rosita goes to the Fix- It Shop, and says what happened, and expresses her angry. Maria tells her to take a deep breath, which helps a little.

Zoe and Abby catch up with Rosita and ask her what happened. Rosita is so angry that she can only express herself in Spanish, although Zoe does not know Spanis, he can understand how angry Rosita is. They want to play again game and Rosita accepts it and they are friends again.

Sesame Street Episode 4159

The monsters escape to play hide and seek, but the rabbit returns to remember Maria and Gabi that they have a teapot to repair.

Song: Alain Le Lait sings "SiƩntate" This is a tutorial song.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4159 is Cuba Gooding Jr. He is an award-winning American film actor. Cuba Gooding Jr. Becomes angry while the pesky word will not stay in place for him to talk about it.

Sesame Street 4159

Cartoon: "Angry Annie" A little girl vents her rage at the world, frustrated by the trouble of every day life, until her brother offers her part of his orange.

Celebrity: The famous doctor Dr. Phil and his puppet, Dr. Feel, talk about who's going to start the show. Finally they both get along: "The Dr. Phil and Dr. Feel Show"

Sesame Street Episode 4159

Cartoon: A mouse sings a song which is Felines,  the song is about emotions, felines means feelings.

The Letter of the Day: Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn present the letter of the day. It is D. D for Dog. D for Daisy

Sesame Street 4159

Song: A song about the letter D. There are big D and small D in the boat.

Cartoon: D for drums and drumsticks.

Muppets: Elmo's hiphop performance: "Elmo Says"

Sesame Street Episode 4159

Film: There is a dance class, they first do some exercise and then start tango.

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The Number of the Day: The Count presents the number of the day. It is 17.

Sesame Street 4159

Film: Swing 17.

Animation: Today the lucky number is 17.

Sesame Street Episode 4159

Celebrity: Evelyn Glennie wants to join Oscar the Grouch's Grouchketeer group. Evelyn Glennie shows off her skills. Oscar the Grouch and his group like it.

Sesame Street 4159

Cartoon: What can be done with a purple bucket? This is explained by a song.

Bert and Ernie: That's What Friends are For: Ernie talks about friends should be tolerant each other, but Bert prefers to sleep instead of listening Ernie.

Sesame Street Episode 4159

Cartoon: There is a red insect. It wants to play with some green insects.

Elmo's World: Elmo's World Friends

Sesame Street 4159

Sponsors: Abby Cadabby announces the sponsors, and she thinks that it is magical the numbers 1 and 7 make the number 17. End of the Sesame Street video for 4159. episode.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter D and by the number 17.