Sesame Street Episode 4158

Elmo feels jealous of Marco
Season 38

What's the Word on the Street? sigh

Scenes: Scene begins with Elmo and Gina. Elmo is so happy want eager to play checkers with her. But she cannot play game with Elmo because she has to look after Marco. Gina realises Marco is hungry, and goes out to get some food for him. Elmo stays alone at the Street.

Sesame Street Episode

Baby Bear and Curly play game tag, Baby Bear asks Elmo if he want to join them, Elmo refuses,he is so unhappy and does not understand why Marco need more attention, he does not need. Baby Bear sees Elmo’s problem and explains why, because Marco is too small to do something like when Curly was new born times. She needs to fed, bathed, dressed etc, but now she can do everything by herself and like Curly, Marco will do everthing by himself when he gets bigger but now he needs attention. After this expression, Elmo comes to the conclusion that one must have to be a baby to get attention. When Maria returns she sees Elmo sits Marco’s stroller, acts out like a baby.

Sesame Street 4158

Elmo stops doing this and asks Gina to play checkers, Gina points out that she has enough love tos hare both of them, Elmo thinks he can teach new things to Marco and wait until he becomes old enough to play, they will play.

Animation: Traction Jackson is unhappy due to his dog, his dog Bernie is playing with Margarita instead of playing him. His granddad sings him a song about "The Doggone Jealous Blues," and then Margarita invites him to play with them.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4158 is Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah Jessica Parker is a famous American actress. she will talk about sighing.

Cartoon: "Somebody Come and Play." It is singed by Suzie Kabloozie.

Suzie Kabloozie

The Letter of the Day: Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster presents the letter of the day. It is C. Will Cookie Monster be able to eat a cookie from the letter C? Sesame Street characters wonder about this.

Cookie Monster

Film: There are big C and Little C on the beach. And we have a song about them.

Animation: C for Catterpillar. Words start with C.

Global Grover: Grover returns from having attended school in Africa. This part is about the importance of education.

Film: There's a song about African animals. "The African Animal Alphabet"

Muppets: Baby Natasha and Ernie sing "I Like Laughing When I'm Happy Best of All"
Film: Some kids play and say they're happy.

Sesame Street Episode 4158

The Number of the Day: The Count presents the number of the day, On Sesame Street the number of days is 16.

Sesame Street Episode 4158

Animation: 16 flowers counted by Monty.

Film: We have an animation about growing numbers. 16

Muppets: Baby Bear and Papa Bear sings a song. The song is about hugging. Now we're all listening to “Papa Bear's Hug.”

Sesame Street Episode 4158

Cartoon: A turtle remembers a time he fell in love with a seashell, before understandig it's not alive.

Song: How do you feel on your birthday? John Pizzarelli sings a song that can answer that question. "Happy and Proud"

Elmo's World: Do you like birthdays? You're sure to love it with Elmo. Elmo's World Birthdays

Elmo's World

Closing: Sesame Street ends. Abby Cadabby didn't appear as much as the other Sesame Street characters throughout the episode. At the end of the episode Abby Cadabby announces the sponsors.