Sesame Street Episode 4167 Annual Triangle Toss

Annual Triangle Toss
Season 39 (2008)
Jason Taylor visits Sesame Street

In the street scenes of Episode 4167, Baby Bear welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street when Telly runs into him, excitedly announcing that today is the Triangle Lovers Club's annual Triangle Toss, similar to ring toss. Telly shows off his lucky triangle vest, which he believes helps him win every year. However, he notices that the vest is smaller than it was last year. Baby Bear and Leela help Telly put on the tight vest, which restricts his arm movement. Telly hears a triangle dinging and rushes to the yard for the toss to begin.

At the toss, Norman introduces the Grand High Triangle Lover, who welcomes all Triangle Lovers and explains the rules. He demonstrates his skill at the game and announces Telly as the first player. When Telly tries tossing his first triangle, he rips his vest but refuses to take it off. He leaves without tossing, but his fan still believes he'll be back.

Telly returns to Leela, asking if she can mend his vest. She replies that it's too small for him, but Telly can't imagine playing without his lucky vest. Baby Bear reminds him that he loves the game and convinces him to try the toss without the vest. They both return to the game, ready to have fun.

Back at the toss, Tina gets her first triangle on the stick, and she's almost declared the winner when Telly comes back to toss his first triangle. He misses and feels like giving up, but the fan reminds everyone that Triangle Lovers don't give up. Baby Bear suggests that Telly imagine himself wearing his lucky vest. Telly does so, and it helps him get the last two triangles on the stick. He wins the game and the Triangle Toss trophy, which he shows to Leela, who managed to mend his vest and even added another triangle to it.

Telly's fan arrives and compliments him on the game. Telly realizes that his vest is the perfect size for the young fan and gives it to him. Everyone cheers for Telly, celebrating his victory.

In another street scene, Telly shows Baby Bear his new vest, which has letters all over it. On the back is the letter of the day, J. Later, Baby Bear gets his own vest with numbers on it, and on the back is the number of the day, 16. In the final street scene, Telly and Baby Bear help Leela announce the sponsors, which they display on their vests.

The episode begins with a film segment where gymnasts form a triangle. Next, the celebrity guest, Jason Taylor, and Elmo demonstrate the word "Toss." In another film segment, "Simple Pleasures" by Bobby McFerrin is played over footage of a girl trying to play frisbee with a dog on the beach.

An animated segment called "Jumping J" features animals jumping with the letter J, followed by another film segment where the letters J-U-M-P jump to a song. In a Muppet segment, Abby Cadabby sings "I Love Words."

In the "Murray Has a Little Lamb" segment, Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to a secret baseball school where the Northport Little League Baseball Team practices playing baseball. With practice, Murray eventually hits a home run.

An animation segment features Cecille singing "I Wanna Be Me." In a film segment, kids talk about things they can do by themselves. The episode also includes a Muppet segment called "Elmo's World: Games."

In another Muppet segment, Prairie Dawn sings "All By Myself" with the help of the Oinker Sisters. A film segment showcases kids painting a mural with the number 16, followed by an animation where Monty counts 16 flowers by 2's in voiceover.

Finally, the episode features a Global Grover segment, where Grover talks about cricket and interacts with a cricket that repeatedly exclaims the word "cricket." The cricket eventually reveals that he loves the game and acts as a bowler, frustrating Grover by repeatedly calling him "guv'na."


  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter J and by the number 16.

  2. Sesame Street was brought to you by the word "Toss"