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Sesame Street Elmo's World Noses

Elmo welcomes viewers with Dorothy. He is close to camera and focuses on his nose to near camera’s screen, as we see this scene the theme of episode is nose. Elmo has some guests, he opens the door, and they have muppet guests: Groucho Marx Muppet, an AM Monster, Henrietta Honker and Cyranose de Bergerac. They have big noses. And then we see Wolfgang the Seal, he comes a big beach ball on his nose. Later, there is a short video clip with the nose of kids, babies, adult and an elephant.

Elmo's World Noses

Elmo's World Noses Dorothy's Question

                Dorothy is not alone in her bowl; there is a big toy nose in her bowl. And she asks Elmo how you smell with your nose for example flowers.  Elmo opens the window and Mr. Noodle is here, they ask Dorothy’s question and he tries to answer, and there is a small fly on Mr. Noodle’s nose. Mr. Noodle finds their question very easy. He wants to sell flowers, but he misunderstands, the word is not sell, it is smell. He listens and touches flowers and after these types of attempts he finds to smell with his nose.

Elmo's World Noses Dorothy's Question

Elmo's World Noses Kids and Baby

                There is a short video clip with kids, they smell the flowers. Elmo and a baby are together, baby play a toy flower.

Elmo's World Noses Kids and Baby

Elmo's World Noses Elmo's Question

                Elmo becomes Grand Marshal of The Tournament of Noses Parade. He asks how many noses there are. There are twelve noses and a king nose, thirteen noses.

Elmo's World Noses

Elmo's World Noses Quiz

            Elmo asks something or someone has nose. For example does a plane have nose, or does a cupcake have nose etc. Oscar Trash is here, he has not nose, and he says there is a terrible smell when he is among trash, Elmo says "So does that joke, Oscar!"

Elmo's World Noses Quiz

Elmo's World Noses Video E-Mail

                Sesame Street Elmo's World Noses continues with email section. There is a video e-mail from The Two-Headed Monster, he sneezes and there are lots of dirty tissues on the table.

Elmo's World Noses Video E-Mail

Elmo's World Noses Film

            Today there is a short video from Elmo’s friend Phoebe who lives in a farm with her family. She shows animals and talks about their noses and nostrils.

Elmo's World Noses Film

Elmo's World Noses TV Cartoon

            It is cartoon time, Lola Schnozola and her elephant Tantor are in the cartoon. They talk about elephants and their trunks. And explains what an elephant can do with its trunk.

Elmo's World Noses TV Cartoon

Elmo's World Noses Interview

                A huge nose is on the stage; Elmo has an interview with it. They talk about noses and then some Honkers come. They sing a song about noses together.

Elmo's World Noses Interview

Elmo's World Noses Tickle Me Land

                Dorothy imagines Elmo as Pinocchio. The theme of episode is nose and he becomes Pinocchio. His nose gets bigger and bigger. Elmo, Dorothy, huge nose and Honkers are singing the noses song and they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo's World Noses video ends.

Elmo's World Noses Tickle Me Land

Elmo's World Noses Song

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