Elmo's World Eyes

Sesame Street Elmo's World Eyes Video

Elmo's World Eyes

Elmo welcomes audiences with Dorothy. He is close to camera and focuses on his eyes to near camera, as we understand this scene the theme of episode is eyes. And then we see a short video clip with the eyes of kids, babies, adult and a cat.

Elmo's World Eyes

Dorothy's Question

            Dorothy is not alone in her bowl; there is a small toy fish in her bowl. The toy fish’s eyes are very big. Dorothy asks how you wink. We see Mr. Noodle from window, he hugs Elmo. Mr Noodle shows how to drink and shrink, but Dorothy’s question is wink. Elmo wants him to wink his eyes, but he does not find his eyes very easy, after some attempts finally he finds his eyes and winks it.   
Elmo's World Eyes Dorothy's Question

Kids and Baby

         Two kids come and shows when they are winking their eyes, also they show they can open one of eyes and close other one at the same time. Later Elmo and a baby are seen. They show how to wink Dorothy, too.

Elmo's World Eyes Kids and Baby

Elmo's Question

         Elmo wants to ask a question, a crocodile comes, it is crying and Elmo asks how many tears comig out of its eyes. He counts and there are fifteen.

Elmo's World Eyes Elmo's Question


            Elmo asks something or someone has eyes. For example does a fly have eyes, or does a birthday cake have eyes etc. They try to give answer yes or no.  A trash can does not have eyes, but Oscar the Grouch has.

Elmo's World Eyes Quiz

Video E-Mail

            Elmo has a video e-mail from Ernie, he sends an e-mail which is about Bert’s eyebrow. Bert's eyebrows express how Bert feels in different emotions. First he shows his eyebrow when surprising, and then angry eyebrow, and the last happy eyebrow.

Elmo's World Eyes Video E-Mail


         The video is about Elmo’s friend Elizabeth, she goes to the eye doctor with her mother, and doctor examines her, tries to find if she has a problem on her eyes. She goes to the doctor check her eyes before she starts school. She starts to wear eyeglasses.

Elmo's World Eyes Film

TV Cartoon

         There is a cartoon in The Eyes Channel on TV. The cartoon about the king of Eye-daho and where Eye-rene. King has a problem his eyes and a little girl comes to help him. She advises him to protect his eyes, for example she says you should use sunglasses.

Elmo's World Eyes TV Cartoon


            Elmo has guests; pair of play a riddle game. He gives some information, first he asks question and describes something about eyes such eyes eyelashes, iris etc.  ıt is very didactic game.

Elmo's World Eyes Interview

Tickle Me Land

         Dorothy imagines Elmo when he is scuba-diving. Elmo spends time submarine and talks with fish. Later Dorothy imagines Elmo as a snowboarder. He becomes a professional snowboarder. He makes some artistic movements. . Elmo, Dorothy and Groucho Marx glasses are singing the eyes song and they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo's World Eyes video ends.

Elmo's World Eyes Tickle Me Land

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