Sesame Street Episode 4165 Firefly show

Sesame Street Episode 4165
Firefly show
Season 39 (2008)
Jenny McCarthy and Aaron Neville visit Sesame Street.

In this street scene segment, Chris welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street as he closes Hooper's Store at dusk. He listens to the nighttime sounds and encounters Telly and Baby Bear, who are trying to catch fireflies with a net and a jar. As Chris goes home, Telly and Baby Bear ask the viewer to help them spot any fireflies they see.

While Telly and Baby Bear continue their firefly search, they come across Gina leading Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, and Super Chicken in a wing exercise called "wingercise." Telly and Baby Bear decide to sit and watch, noticing the firefly joining in the exercise. They attempt to catch it with their net but accidentally catch Gina instead.

Next, Telly and Baby Bear approach Maria, Luis, and some kids sitting on the steps. They ask if anyone has seen the firefly, inspiring Luis to play "Fly Little Firefly, Fly." Maria introduces the Spanish word for firefly, "luciernaga," and everyone practices saying it. Once the song ends, Telly and Baby Bear resume their firefly chase.

The chase leads them to the front of the laundromat, where Telly comes up with an idea to use a flashlight to attract the firefly. The plan works, but they notice that the captured firefly appears sad and dim. Leela encounters them and, rather than explicitly telling them why the firefly is sad, suggests they pretend to be fireflies trapped in a jar. They realize that there's not much room to fly in a jar and decide to set the firefly free.

After Leela goes home, Telly and Baby Bear discover that pretending to be fireflies is more fun than catching them. They sing the "Firefly Song" again, enjoying their newfound appreciation for the creatures. In a later scene, Chris realizes that he forgot to show the letter of the day. The fireflies come to the rescue, forming the letter F for him.

In the final scene, Chris chats with six fireflies, who form the number of the day, 6. As nighttime falls, Chris announces the sponsors, with the fireflies displaying them once again.

The episode begins with a catchy song called "I'm a Little Airplane," accompanied by a film of kids pretending to be airplanes. Jenny McCarthy appears in a segment, explaining what an insect is and even pretending to be some insects, ultimately attracting a bee. An animation follows, featuring a red insect that wants to play with some green insects.

Chris, with the help of fireflies, presents the letter of the day, F. Two segments highlight the letter F: an animation of Fs found on a city street, and a film of a big F emerging from a swimming pool. Ernie and Aaron Neville perform a heartfelt duet of "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon." A boy reads his poem, "Night," in sign language.

The number of the day, 6, is presented in three segments: Chris chatting with six fireflies, a film of six kids dancing on a playground, and a rap song about the number 6. In "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to a secret gymnastics school where kids do various exercises.

Cecille sings "The Game of Make Believe" in a delightful animation segment. The Muppets perform "Pre-School Musical," a parody of High School Musical, where students at a preschool learn to take turns. Finally, Elmo's World focuses on bugs, teaching viewers about these fascinating creatures.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter F and by the number 6.