Sesame Street Episode 4621

Sesame Street Episode 4621
To the Moon, Elmo
Season 46 (2016)

Open: Elmo welcomes the viewer at the first scene. He talks about space, sun, moon and stars. As we can see the theme of the episode is Space.


Scenes: Abby Cadabby, Rosita and Elmo look like astronautas. They behaves such as astronautas and says they are going to visit la luna and las estrellas. They need a rocket ship.

They go to the Hooper’s Store to buy some tools to make rocket ship. Rosita finds a large box and thinks it is a good item for ship. Chris allows them to use this large box. They sing a song and it is about the decoration of box for space rocket ships.

Finially Space Ship is ready and they get inside it, and leaves from there. Sesame Street is getting small and smaller when they forwards. Elmo is so exhausted that he wants to see stars as soon as possible. They see some Twiddlebugs.

Rosita leaves from space ship and she spacewalks. When the group float back to space ship, they find the recycling man ripping it up.

Chris decides to repair the rocket when he sees unhappy astronautas. Chris repairs it and all of them start the their new travel to the Moon. They are very excited and enjoyed from this game. Space is an interesting theme for this episode and the travel from sesame Street to space is an excellent experience.

The letter of the day: The letter of the day is today A. Elmo presents the letter. He sings songs and dances for the letter A. Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, Bert and Ernie are with him. A for astronautas. (Added)

Sesame Street Episode 4621

Film: A for Adventure.

Sesame Street Episode 4621

Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents Star S'mores: Cookie Monster is on the stage as Flan Solo. His duty is to save Princess Parfaita. Luke Piewalker and Chewie the Cookie help Flan. Flan doesn’t help but he tries to munch on Chewie. Luke recommends they find somebody to help control himself( self control) They find Cannoli, who suggests he "use the four" - counting to four to keep calm himself. But it doesn’t works.There is a new idea . Flan dresses Chewie up like his grandma, he never eats his grandmother. It is an excellent idea and works well. The group saves Princess Parfaita, who give a reward Flan with her cookie hairdo. Street fans thank Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street Episode 4621

The number of the day – 10: Count on Count is again on the stage and presents the number of the day. It is 10. He and his friends sing a song for the number 10.

Sesame Street Episode 4621

Elmo's World: The sky is full of bright stars. And there's a sweet red muppet. Elmo's World Sky.

Elmo's World

Outro PBS: We're at the end of Sesame Street Episode 4621. At the end of the episode Cookie Monster reads a poem about being polite, and shows politeness by sharing his cookie with a litle boy and Rosita.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter A and by the number 10.