Sesame Street Episode 4095

Sesame Street Episode 4095
Who'll replace the Big Bad Wolf?
Season 36 (2005)

Sesame Street Episode 4095 appears as the 13th episode of the season 36. The name of the Episode is Who'll replace the Big Bad Wolf. The air date of the episode is September 7, 2005. The number of the Episode is 14 and the letter is Z. The content of Sesame Street Episode 4095 includes the following:

Open: Episode begins with Gordon. He points out that we can exercise not only outdoors but also indoors.  If the weather rainy or cold we can do some exercise indoor. He says we canplay with scarf, dance etc. Big Bird and two friends exercise indoor and Gordon joins them too.

Who'll replace the Big Bad Wolf, Street Scenes: Telly tells a joke to Zoe and Elmo, when Gordon reads newspaper, when Elmo realises the audiencers and they welcome them to Sesame Street. And then the Three Little Pigs come and say the Big Bad Wolf is coming to get them.

Sesame Street 4095

The Big Bad Wolf comes to the Street, but then he sleeps. Little Red Riding Hood comes and shouts at the Big Bad Wolf for keeping her and her grandma waiting. She goes back and the three pigs says Wolf chases them but then he falls a sleep. Because The Big Bad Wolf is too tired, needs a holiday. But a new wolf is needed to replace for him. Elmo, Zoe, and Telly are volunteer to be wolf replacement. And Big Bad Wolf decides to choose one of them.

Elmo, Zoe and Telly wears some clothes to resemble a wolf. Big Bad Wolf has take a test of blowing down a straw house like the story of the Three Little Pigs.

Sesame Street 4095

First Elmo tries to blow down house. He uses a fan, but is is impossible to blow dow the house, it has just become cold the house. Next is Zoe, He uses bigger fan, but he fails too. A fan is not good idea. Then Telly uses different material, he uses vacuum cleaner, but this time he sucks the house. Gordon says they can do it only when they blow like The Big Bad Wolf.

The street story of Sesame Street Episode 4095 continues. Next part of the test is chasing a pig. It can be good for exercising. All of them try and can do. ata the end of the this part, Gordon becomes the winner.

Another part of the test is pretending to be grandmother. This part is a little bit difficult and stress. Because they will pretend both grandma and wolf. Zoe and Elmo wears gradma costumes, Telly wears unusual outfit, he uses a cheese outfit. After some events, Elmo, Zoe and Telly discuss about who will be wolf replacement. Gordon tells them stop arguing. The friendship is much more important that wolf replacement. They think and agree with him as well.

Sesame Street 4095

At the end of the scene, the Big Bad Wolf chooses Gordon to be wolf. Gordon has completed all part of the tes successfully. The Big Bad Wolf gives Gordon wolf ears to place on his head.  And now Big Bad Wolf can go to the holiday.

Song: Dressed Up song remake. This song was first published in episode 3399.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4095 is the famous actor and writer Harvey Fierstein. "Everything's Coming Up Noses!" Harvey Fierstein, sing a song to point out the virtues of body part. This scene was first published in episode 4063.

Sesame Street Episode 4095

Muppets: Elmo is on the stage now, Elmo rides tricycle, sings a song.

Cartoon: Lillian is proud of herself,  because she climbed a mountain by herself.

The Letter of the Day: The letter of the day is Z in Sesame Street Episode 4095. Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster present the letter. Cookie Monster eats all the cookies as he always does.

Sesame Street Episode 4095

Animation: How to write the letter z in different fonts?

Spanish Word of the Day: Zanahoria is the Spanish Word of the day. Grover says its meaning, Zanahoria means carrot in English. Grover also points out that carrot is useful for our body.

Journey to Ernie Dinosaur Age : Big Bird is looking for Ernie among the dinosaurs. Is that scary for Big Bird? I don't think so.

Sesame Street Episode 4095

Bert and ErnieSesame Street continues with the funny adventures of Bert and Ernie. Ernie dreams a dinosaur when going to sleep, and also wants Bert to dream too. But It is difficult for Bert. While they are sleeping, Bert sees imaginary dinasour and gets up. And he is so surprised for it. Even though I watch Bert and Ernie over and over, I'm not bored.

Sesame Street Episode 4095

Cartoon: A dinosaur is trying to move on a rock.

Global GroverWe can travel to Bangladesh with Grover. Grover comes back from Bangladesh, He narrates his film, in the film Runa and father travel to river for fishing. Also Grover shows his fishing net.

Sesame Street Episode 4095

The Number of the Day: Count von Count presents the number of the day, it is 14. He counts 14 and sings songs for 14.

Sesame Street Episode 4095

Cartoon: Traction Jackson plays basketball and makes 14 baskets.

Cartoon: Sing about fourteen.

Elmo's WorldIn this episode we go to the fun world of wild cats. Elmo's World proudly presents: Elmo's World Cats.

Sesame Street Episode 4095

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Trash is in trouble with Space Bunnies and tries to get rid of them. Sesame Street Episode 4095 ends.

Sesame Street Episode 4095


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