Sesame Street Episode 4076

Sesame Street Episode 4076
The Loudest Growl
Season 35 (2004)

Sesame Street Episode 4076 appears as the 20th episode of the season 35. The name of the Episode is The Loudest Growl. The air date of the episode is April 30, 2004. The number of the Episode is 20 and the letter is G. The content of Sesame Street Episode 4076 includes the following:

My Favorite Moments: Episode begins with Dr. Alex Jenny Ky. She talks about letter and numbers that she learned from episodes.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

The Loudest Growl, Street Scenes: Baby Bear and Curly Bear are on the stage. Baby Bear shows something he can do, but these things bigger for Curly Bear and she cannot do.  Baby sings about it, demonstrating such things as lifting heavy stuff, jumping high and growling loudly, until he gets a load of Curly’s growl. He feels upset because he is big but Curly’s growl is bigger although she is smaller than him.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

Big Bird comes to the Sesame Street. She hears Curly. Baby Bear asks to the Big Bird as a master how he can make a big growl. She says Big Bear should observe Curly before she makes big growl and then he should do same things in this way his growl will be bigger. Baby Bear observer her does same things but hardly gets bigger.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

Professor Gary Gill and his two assistant come and ask the issue and then offer a solution. But again this attempt is unsuccessful. They also fear the Curly’s big growl and escape from the Sesame Street.

Papa Bear arrives, Baby Bear decides to say his problem also thinks there is no neet to shy this type of thing.  Baby tries to show her off to a passing man that Curly blows the clothes off with her growl.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

Song: Hoots the Owl sings a song. The name of it is “Baby, You're So Smart.”

Muppets: Humphrey dreams the possible jobs Natasha will be when she gets older. He sees her as a firefighter, police officer and doctor.

The Letter of the Day Part 1: Today on Sesame Street Episode 4076, the letter of the day is G. Cookie Monster introduces the letter with a cookie. There is a big G letter on the big cookie.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

Film: Imagine a giant G. And this G hangs in a forest with vines. Now it's time to explore.

The Letter of the Day Part 2: In the second part of this scene, Cookie Monster gets bigger after eating cookie and he says some words start with G such as G for Gassy.

Animation: Upper case "G", lower case "g" and pencil box.

Sesame Street

Spanish Word of the Day: Rosita is on the stage and She expresses today’s Spanish Word is Gato. Gato means cat in English.

Film: A child takes care of the word cat and turns into a cat.

Journey to Ernie Rubber Duckie Land: Big Bird is looking for Earnie in an area full of Rubber Duckies. 

Sesame Street Episode 4076

Muppets: Ernie sings a song. The name of song is The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree.

Global Grover: Thanks to Grover, we have the opportunity to visit different parts of the world. Grover comes back from Alaska by a dog sled. He talks about Alaska and its cold. There is a video and in the video a little Alaskan girl sings a song. After video, Grover wants to rest, but the dog doesn’t accept it wants to come back as soon as possible. And pulls the Grover back Alaska.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

Global Thingy: two thingys loose their ping pong ball in a fish bowl, Global Thingy helps them to solve communication barrier.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

The Number of the Day: Count von Count presents the number of the day. It is 20.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

: There are twenty fish. And we're counting these fish.

Celebrity: Our guest in Sesame Street Episode 4076 is Liam Neeson. Count von Count wants Liam Neeson to count to 20.         

Sesame Street Episode 4076

Elmo's World: In this episode Elmo gives fun information about the ears. Elmo's World Ears.

Sesame Street Episode 4076

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Trash Gordon imitates to be a kitty to scare away a huge grumpy guppy. Sesame Street sponsors are the number 20 and the letter G. Sesame Street Episode 4076 ends.

Sesame Street Episode 4076


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  3. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter G and by the number 20.

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