Sesame Street Episode 4273

Sesame Street Episode 4273
A Prince of a Frog
Season 42 (2011-2012)

Sesame Street Episode 4273 appears as the 17th episode of the season 42. The name of the Episode is A Prince of a Frog. The air date of the episode is December 1, 2011.  The number of the Episode is 17 and the letter is M. The content of Sesame Street Episode 4273 includes the following:

What's the Word on the Street? Amphibian.

 A Prince of a Frog, Street Scenes: Elmo, Alan and Abby Cadabby look something on the computer, while they are looking, a frog runs and a tired princess run after the frog. They don’t understand what is happening, princess expresses that she wants to kiss the frog that turns frog into a prince, but she says she cannot catch it, when she is so close, frog suddenly hops away. Abby wants to help them and to turn frog into, but it is impossible according to the rule 47 from Fairy Grandmother Handbook.

Sesame Street 4273

Abby Cadabby and Elmo thinks if Abby can not help in a magic way, they think they will find some information about frogs from the computer. They find frogs croak to attract other frogs. Frog comes but again hops away when princess is close.

Sesame Street Episode

They also find that they can find the frog using fly. Alan portrays a fly. Frog comes and this time finially Pirincess can kiss it. But there is no change nothing occured. Princess feels so sad because frog is not correct and she still can not find prince. But Abby thinks it is great because she can use her magical power against frog. The rule 47 is not valid for it. Abby Cadabby turns frog into a prince. Prince feels different himself because he does not know how to act out like a prince. They Show it on the computer but still he is confused and start to feel unhappy. They sing a song "Only Life for Me."

Sesame Street Episode 4273

The Princess understands frog is happier when it was a frog and They changes it again becomes a frog.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4273 is Conan O'brien. He is an Emmy Award-winning comedian. Conan O'brien talks concerning the word amphibian. Conan O'brien then becomes a frog.

Sesame Street Episode 4273

Muppets: Before Abby's Flying Fairy School part, Murray wonders the letter of the day. Ovejita tells the letter it is M. M for Milk, Mitten and Monkey.

Sesame Street Episode 4273

Animation: A little boy sings a song, the song is about his funny "Letter M Day".

Sesame Street Episode 4273

Muppets: Zoey, Holden and Murray presents Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Abby’s Flying Fairy School: There is a very bad smell in the classrom. Everybody wonders its source. The source of awful smell is from Blogg's Schlubby which is his old, dirty and smell sock he treasures. He throws it into some magic mud to make mud pies with, but it becomes alive. It stars running over the class and makes everywhere dirty even Abby Cadabby. They have to clean it, after some attemp they decide to use washing machine for it. Sock is clean now Blogg is happy now because he can get it dirty again.

Sesame Street Episode 4273

Dance with me! Would you dance with us on Sesame Street?

Muppets: "Super Grover 2.0 picks the today's winning lottery number. Murray finds it is the number 17.

Cartoon: Artist - Joey Ahlbum. “There are 17 Trucks.”

Sesame Street Episode 4273

Muppets:  "Super Grover 2.0" is the next part of the episode. Murray and Jenia present Super Grover 2.0

Super Grover 2.0Sesame Street continues with Grover's fantastic adventures. An oyster is ready for propose to his starfish lover, when he wants to say his proposal, he suddenly knock off the ring and it is lost. Super Grover is on the stage, because they need his help. First he uses bagel from his utility sock, but seagull takes it. Second attemp is with Swiss cheese, Seagull takes it again. An then he uses spaghetti strainer. It works and he can find the ring.

Sesame Street Episode 4273

Muppets: "What is Missing?" game started by Murray.

Muppets: There is the 17th opening night of Spider Monster the Musical, Mr. Johnson is the only guest. He is waiting the flying effects instead of this Spider Monster comes. Groves acts out Spider Monster in this part. Grover shows him riding a bird. And they try to do it together.

Sesame Street Episode 4273

: Murray and the children present Elmo’s World. They say “Can I get an Elmo?”

Elmo's World: Welcome to the special world of frogs. Elmo's World Frogs

Muppets: Sponsors announced by Murray. Sesame Street sponsors are the number 17 and the letter M. After sponsors announced  by Murray, Sesame Street Episode 4273 ends.

Sesame Street Episode 4273