Sesame Street Episode 4075

Sesame Street Episode 4075

Cookie Monster writes a story
Season 35 (2004) 

My Favorite Moments: Cher talks about her own childhood, she says she is so thankful, when she was a kid, she enjoys Sesame Street’s World. Cher is a famous singer and started singing at the age of 16.


Scenes: Episode begins with Alan, he is at Hooper’s store. Big Bird, Miles, and a mother and her daughter as customers go out from shops except for Gabi. Cookie Monster comes to the store and wants cookie.  He eats these cookies but he orders more. Alan says he ate last cookies at the shop.  Alan thinks he can bake more cookies, and prepeares them butt during this baking period Cookie Monster is so unpatient. Gabi has an idea she recomends Cookie Monster should write a story, Cookie Monster accepts and dictates the story, while Gabi writes.

In the story there is a King Cookie who is unhappy about his life. He decides to send a message to people that live in this kingdom, the message is about finding something that makes him happy. He calls Royal Helper and wants to deliver his message to people.

There are different offers which is to make happy king. The first one is from Big Bird, he wants to share his birdseed which makes Big Bird happy but this doesn’t make happy King Cookie.  The second one is Lady Gabi, who has a special hand clap tallent and does it but again it makes unhappy to King. Cookie Monster stop the story to ask cookies are ready or not, Alan says it is about ready.

He continues his story. Next comes a young prince, he sings a song which makes him happy but after a few moment he feels unhappy again. This song is not enough to make him happy as well.

King Cookie decides and accepts there is no thing to make him happy and has just given up, a little girl comes and gives him a cookie. King Cookie likes it so much eats and eats a lot. He declares her as a prime minister and lives happily ever after.

When Gabi completes to write she expresses that she likes the story’s ending which has happy ending. Cookie Monster says it is not happy ending it is happy beginnings because at this time Alan gives him a plate of cookie and he eats all cookies in a funny and excited feelings. Sesame Street ends the scenes.

Animation: A baby’s first steps to Papa. (Van Gogh painting)

Sesame Street Episode 4075

Celebrity: The Alphabet Song - Ray Charles (David Robinson, Patrick Stewart, Harry Belafonte, Shari Lewis, Ellen DeGeneres, Tony Bennett, Grover, Michael Jeter, and Lamb Chop.)

Sesame Street Episode 4075

The Letter of the Day S: The letter of the day is S. Super Grover has a Super plan. Super Grover puts a cookie in basket which is pulled up with a rope by Grover. Grover wants to pull the basket, but Cookie eats and Grover takes off.

Sesame Street Episode 4075

Song: There is a song for the letter of the day: S, You are the Best.

Cartoon: S for Subway in a cartoon

Spanish Word of the Day – salta: Salta is a Spanish Word and Rosita tries to learn its meaning, on the other hand Narf, The Elephant and a chicken show us the meaning by jumping, Salta means in English jump.

Song: “Jump

Journey to Ernie – Playground: Big Bird wants to find Ernie.

Sesame Street Episode 4075

Bert and ErnieSesame Street Episode 4075 video continues with Bert and Ernie. Ernie invites Bert to play game with ball, but Bert refuses it and instead of it,he would rather read book. He sing a song which is in my book. Bert and Ernie again as usual.

Global Grover: Grover travels all around the World, and learns different kind of people bath. He film clip features Kevin Clash singing "This is How We Take a Bath.” Grover comees back dirty, he wants to clean up but there is no water.  One elephant Stevie helps him out by using his own trunk as shower head.

Sesame Street Episode 4075

Global Thingy: The various creatures quit dashing to enable the bug to up and they all race to the end goal together.

The Number of the Day 19: 19 is the number of the day. Muppet shows 19.

Sesame Street Episode 4075

Cartoon: 19 hand prints.

Film: 19 Growing numbers.

Elmo's World: Computers are the subject of this episode. Elmo's World Computers

Elmo's World

Closing: Chapter 538 - The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Planet Scram. Sesame Street Episode 4075 video ends with the adventures of Trash Gordon.

Sesame Street Episode 4075


  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter S and by the number 19.

  2. Make it A Full 55 Minute Episode