Sesame Street Episode 4172 Number 6 Games

Sesame Street Episode 4172
Number 6 Games
Season 39 (2008)

Chris greets the viewers, noting the calmness of mornings on the street. Suddenly, Telly appears, blowing a whistle and dressed as a coach. He provides Chris with hints about the day's theme, including a marching band and baton twirlers. Chris correctly guesses that it's Number 6 Day, and Telly brings in cheerleaders, but there are only five of them. Telly realizes the issue and makes Chris the sixth cheerleader.

The cheerleaders perform their routine, and Telly introduces a talking number 6, who officially starts the games. The first game is called The Six-Pig Tickle. Elmo finishes warming up and gets ready to be tickled by the pigs. Following a cheer, Elmo is tickled by the pigs until Telly blows his whistle, interrupting the game because there are too many pigs. Telly counts seven pigs and worries that the day is ruined. Chris reassures him, suggesting that by subtracting one pig, there will be six. Telly asks one pig to leave, and they count six pigs, who then tickle Elmo.

Telly announces the half-time show, featuring a number 3. She addresses the audience, assuring them that they will soon understand division and fractions, and will learn that 3 is half of 6. Next up is the Chicken Laying Six Eggs event. The group gathers in Big Bird's nest area, where a chicken named Miriam attempts to lay six eggs but becomes exhausted after laying three. Big Bird has a backup chicken named Inga, who also lays only three eggs. Telly believes the event is ruined again, but Chris adds the eggs together, totaling six.

With the final event completed, it's time for the grand finale – Pete from Peoria is scheduled to sing the "Six Penguins in My Shirt" song. However, the talking number 6 informs them that Pete missed his flight, while the shirt and penguins arrived separately. Chris convinces Telly to perform in Pete's place. Wearing an oversized coat, Telly sings "Six Penguins in My Shirt" and later takes the penguins to enjoy some fish.

Alan serves Gina her lunch, a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. She counts six meatballs on her plate. The six cheerleaders appear and shout "6!", causing her to spill her food on her shirt, leaving a 6-shaped stain. Gina tries to eat her lunch in the garden, appreciating the quietness, and mentions that the letter Q is the first letter in quiet. The cheerleaders appear again and cheer for the Q, causing her to spill her plate once more, creating a Q-shaped stain on her shirt.

As Gina washes her stained shirts at the laundromat, Leela announces the sponsors. The cheerleaders shout their goodbyes, causing Leela to drop her clothes.

Chandra Wilson and Murray Monster team up to demonstrate breaking things in half. They split various items, such as food, paper, and even a chair!

The Count entertains with a song called "Six at Sea," while children enjoy playing on the beach in the background.

LL Cool J and Elmo embark on an exciting addition expedition, singing about their mathematical adventure together.

In another episode of "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Ovejita leads Murray to a secret school using the clues un tambor (a drum), palitos (drumsticks), and tocar el tambor (play the drum). They discover it's a drumming school, where Murray learns about different types of drums and how to play them correctly, as Ovejita demonstrates using drum mallets.

Traction Jackson and Margarita engage in a game of "Follow Me" with TJ's grandfather, showcasing their skills and enthusiasm.

During a Muppet & Kid Moment, Abby Cadabby and Kayla joyfully sing The Alphabet Song together.

Hoots the Owl performs a catchy tune called "Baby, You're So Smart," highlighting the importance of intelligence.

In an episode of "Elmo's World," the lovable red monster explores the world of school, learning about various aspects of education and student life.

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