Sesame Street Episode 4120 Baby Bear Writes a Story Called The 3 Astro Bears

Sesame Street Episode 4120
Baby Bear Writes a Story Called "The 3 Astro Bears"
Season 37 (2006)

the street scenes focus on Baby Bear writing an original story about the Three Bears. The story is titled "The Three Bears in Outer Space," inspired by Elmo's love for stories about stars, planets, and rocket ships.

As the story unfolds, the Three Astro Bears try to find the answer to the question of how porridge tastes in space. However, they accidentally trigger the red anti-gravity button, causing chaos on their ship. Zoe walks by and suggests, based on Rocco's idea, that the story should have a cowgirl in it. This leads to the middle part of the story, where Cowgirl Zoe and her masked horse, Horse, appear and attempt to round up the porridge without success. Horse then suggests that the bears hit the red button again to restore gravity, solving the problem. After they leave, the ship starts to shake.

Big Bird comes by and learns about the progress of the story. He suggests adding a tap-dancing chicken to the plot, leading to the conclusion of the story. The shaking turns out to be caused by a tap-dancing chicken onboard the ship, preventing the porridge from being tasted. Baby Bear asks the chicken to stop, and it agrees. The bear family is finally able to taste their porridge in space. The bears then go home and live happily ever after.

With the story completed, Baby Bear thanks the others for their collaborative ideas.

An animation segment features "Planets, Moon and Stars," sung by Jerry Nelson. This segment showcases celestial bodies and their beauty, capturing the audience's imagination.

In the Muppets segment, Cookie Monster encounters "The Letter of the Day: I." Instead of eating the cookie, he decides to eat the icing. However, this destroys the letter, prompting Cookie Monster to consume the rest of the cookie.

An animated mailbox displays the letter "I," further emphasizing the importance of this letter in the alphabet.

In a film segment, Private I, played by T.R. Knight, investigates the letter of the day. Leslie Carrara-Rudolph stars as Iris, assisting Private I in his investigation.

A cartoon segment features a catchy Pear song, entertaining the audience with a fun and educational tune.

Hoots the Owl sings "A Cookie is a Sometime Food" to Cookie Monster in another Muppets segment. The song teaches Cookie Monster about moderation and the importance of not overindulging in sweets.

Detective Jane Tuesday appears in a film segment, searching for a snack that is both crunchy and sweet. She finds the perfect snack, an apple, thanks to her brother.

In an Ernie & Bert segment, Ernie invites Bert to play ball, but Bert has other priorities. He sings "In My Book" to explain his interests and the importance of reading.

An animation segment creates a pattern out of hexagons and triangles, engaging the audience with its visually appealing design.

In a Global Grover segment, Grover returns from the Philippines with a slide. In his film, Rodrigo and his family play at a Manila park. Afterwards, a pair of Filipino monkeys arrive to take their slide back home.

The Number of the Day segment features The Count, who counts and sings up to 20, accompanied by the Countess and their band of musicians. This segment highlights the importance of counting and numbers in everyday life.

A cartoon segment shows a rubber stamp with the number 20, reinforcing the significance of this number in counting.

Another cartoon segment involves counting 20 fish, providing a fun and educational way for children to practice counting.

In an Elmo's World segment, Elmo explores the concept of building things, teaching children about construction and creativity.

Lastly, in The Adventures of Trash Gordon, Chapter 2, Trash finds himself on the planet Fairytale. He contacts Little Bo Peep through an interstellar cell phone to bring her sheep home, showcasing the importance of communication and problem-solving.

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