Sesame Street Episode 4207 The Planet G

Sesame Street Episode 4207
The Planet G
Season 40 (2009-2010)

Elmo welcomes viewers and eagerly awaits Maria's arrival with some paper for a story he's creating about the letter of the day, G. His story revolves around Planet G, where everything starts with the letter G. However, Elmo struggles to think of G words. Maria helps him with the G sound, and he comes up with the word "golf." Elmo starts writing the story, where he hits his golf ball into outer space and onto Planet G. Using the G sound, he imagines riding his goldfish Dorothy to the planet to retrieve his golf ball. He finds the ball but struggles to think of a G-word conflict.

Baby Bear leaves Hooper's Store after a "just right" breakfast and discovers Elmo making the G sound. Baby Bear then heads off to school, expressing his love for his teacher, Mother Goose. Elmo realizes that "goose" begins with G and adds more to his story. He finds his ball on top of a large G, but a goose appears and starts sitting on it, thinking it's an egg and refuses to move.

Zoe and her girls arrive, and Maria points out that "girls" also begin with G. Elmo includes them in his story as they dance away. On Planet G, they help Elmo get rid of the goose by doing the "Get Up and Go Dance." Once the goose dances away, Elmo is about to retrieve his ball when he hears a strange, shuffling sound.

Back on the street, Elmo finds Oscar's pet goat Gus munching on his story. Maria demands that Gus find something else to eat. Elmo adds the goat to the story, and now that the goose is gone, the goat appears and starts chewing on his ball.

Chris arrives to see if they need anything to eat. Elmo asks Chris if the menu has any G foods on it. Chris says that the letter of the day special is goulash. Inspired, Elmo writes in the story that he trades the ball for a bowl of goulash for the goat to eat. Now with his golf ball back, he flies home to Sesame Street on Dorothy. Maria enjoys the story and wants to hear it again. Chris listens in as well.

Throughout the episode, various characters and events related to the letter G take place on Sesame Street, such as Elmo's story about Planet G, the appearance of a goose, and the mentioning of goulash. The street scenes focus on Elmo's creative journey and his interactions with other characters, as they all contribute to his story and learn more about the letter G.

Abby Cadabby teams up with basketball star Kobe Bryant to demonstrate the meaning of "miniature." They create miniature copies of a book, painting, hot dog, and even Kobe himself!

Later, Murray plays a game called "What's on Me That Starts With G?" with some kids. They point out that he's wearing gloves, a geranium, and is colored green. Cookie Monster also sings the G sound in the word "goat."

A GNN news segment is interrupted, and Anderson Cooper sits in for Oscar. He talks to Grouch newscasters Walter Cranky and Dan Rather-not about the letter G. A recent poll shows that half of the Grouches surveyed think G is a Grouchy letter, while the other half thinks G is a nice letter. Oscar eventually joins in and settles the debate, stating that G is indeed a Grouchy letter since it starts the word "Grouch."

Abby's Flying Fairy School segment features Abby and Gonnigan working on their magic macaroni art. Blogg uses magic to create a life-size Macaroni dinosaur and brings it to life with "The Spice of Life." The dinosaur causes chaos, and the characters must find a way to stop it.

Telly introduces his friend Rocco Fiorentino to Elmo. Rocco, who is blind, sings "Everybody's Song," bringing everyone on Sesame Street out to meet him. In another segment, Murray Has a Little Lamb, Ovejita leads Murray to a gymnastics school, where kids practice various exercises.

The episode also includes an animated segment called "Animals and Acrobats Form Letters in the Alphabet Circus," as well as Elmo's World: Sky, where Elmo explores the wonders of the sky.

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