Sesame Street Episode 4149

Sesame Street Episode 4149
Big Bird, Elmo and Abby sing
Season 38 (2007)
Charles Gibson and Sugarland visit Sesame Street.

"What's the Word on the Street?" : predicament

Scenes:  Elmo and Big bir feel so excited, they have a song about two friends that they are. They count each other and and sing that One and One Make Two. Abby Cadabby joins them and they  sing together and suddenly Big Bird stops and thinks this song is not suitable them no more, because song for two, but they become three friends. Abby thinks she should disappear herself, but it is not a good idea in this situation.

Sesame Street 4149

These three friends go to Gabi, they need her suggestion about this situation, and Gabi consults them to create new song for three.

She leaves and they like it is a good idea, but after a while they realise they do not know any song about number three, and this time they need again help and decide to go The Three Little Pigs, but they do not help them, because they have to attend yoga class.

Sesame Street Episode 4149

They still think about the song, but they are so pessimist. And then suddenly Big Bird remembers what theGranny Bird said: "You're a bird, and birds always have a song in their heart." With this insipiration, they make a great song for three friends.

When  their song is finished, an eager young lad stops and asks to join them. Now they need a song it is for four!

Sesame Street 4149

Song: Count Me In

Charles Gibson has a problem: where are his glasses?

What's behind the door? The clay cavemen want to find out in some different ways.

Celebrity: Elmo and Sugarland sing "Songs."

Sesame Street 4149

Animation: The musicians in a painting learn to act together.

Muppets: Bernie Broccoli tries to guess Anthony's favourite vegetable.

The Letter of the Day: Cookie Monster presents the letter of the day with Prairie Dawn. The letter is T. 

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Cartoon: T for taxi, tiger, television and teapot.                

Film: T for Triangle

Insert: Telly Monster goes to  to Hooper's Store, asks  Alan to turn the TV on so he wants to watch "TriangleBob TrianglePants" on Trianglodeon. Alan finds the tv program surprisingly funny.

Song: I Put My Leg in My Pants.

The Number of the Day: Count presents the number of the day, ıt is 3. There are three sheep.

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Animation: There are three fish in the Lake.

Film: There are three kids who are dancing.

Ernie and Bert: Bert will read book and he wants to start, but at this time Ernie sings a song, also Cookie Monster join the singing. Not only Cookie but also some cows, elephants and Grover join, Bert gets angry and leaves because it is impossible to read book when all of them sing a song in the room.

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Cartoon: The Room is Full of Chickens

Elmo's World: Singing

Sesame Street full Episode 4149

Telly announce sponsors and Sesame Street Episode 4149 ends.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter T and by the number 3.