Sesame Street Episode 4107 The Adventures of Little Big Bird, Part 1

Sesame Street Episode 4107
The Adventures of Little Big Bird, Part 1
Season 36 (2005)
Diana Krall visits Sesame Street

In Episode 4107 of Sesame Street, the street scenes begin with Big Bird welcoming the viewer. A group of people, including Stephanie D'Abruzzo and Noel MacNeal, has gathered around to watch Mumford perform his new magic trick, the "big and little" trick. Mumford attempts to make a big letter M small, but the trick doesn't work, and he leaves to practice more.

After Mumford's failed trick, everyone notices that Big Bird has disappeared. Alan and Gordon assume Big Bird went to his playdate with Snuffy. However, Big Bird has actually become little due to Mumford's magic trick. As a small bird, Big Bird discovers a new perspective on the world and meets an ant who shares his experiences of being small.

Big Bird sings a song called "I'm Little," celebrating his new point of view. However, when Snuffy arrives for their playdate, he can't hear Big Bird's tiny voice and leaves to look for him. Big Bird realizes he doesn't want to be little anymore and decides to find Mumford to reverse the spell.

As Big Bird tries to get closer to Alan and Gordon, who are playing chess near Hooper's Store, he hopes they can help him find Mumford. He embarks on a journey toward Hooper's Store, facing challenges due to his small size.

In the end, Little Big Bird announces the sponsors of the episode and expresses his hope to be big again soon. Throughout this episode, Big Bird is performed by Caroll Spinney when he is big and by Matt Vogel when he is small.

The episode begins with a Healthy Moment segment, where Maria explains how water helps keep your body cool and gives you energy. However, Oscar thinks it's fun to spray Maria with Fluffy's trunk.

In a Muppets segment, Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster present the Letter of the Day, which is M. Cookie Monster is encouraged to eat the letter as "Mmm" is the sound he makes when eating a cookie. This is followed by an animation segment featuring the "You Got an M Song" and a film segment where two girls clap to Miss Mary M.

An animation segment showcases M for moon, monster, monkey, and magic. The Spanish Word of the Day is "música," demonstrated by Rosita and Miles playing their guitars.

An animation segment features colored birds bringing color to a paper world as "Frère Jacques" plays. Celebrity Diana Krall sings "Everybody's Song" with Elmo and everybody in attendance.

Plastic musical instruments line up and play a tune in another animation segment. The Count watches his favorite TV program, 24, and counts each second to 24 as a Jack Bauer parody Muppet tries to pull himself up from the side of a cliff.

In a Nursery Rhyme News segment, Prairie Dawn finds out that Jack be Nimble is too tired to jump over the candlestick. A film segment features a little girl explaining what energy is, what kind of foods give you energy, and what other animals and cars need for their own kind of energy.

In a Muppet & Kid Moment, Papa Bear has Antonio demonstrate his capability of doing splits. Ernie and Bert reminisce about "Things That I Remember" over a montage of classic Ernie and Bert clips.

Global Grover returns from China with a peacock and persuades it to do its Peacock dance. An animation segment shows mannequins in a store window dancing.

The Number of the Day is 20, presented by The Count and The Countess. The Bellhop is sent to the grocery store to get twenty grapefruits, counting to 20 on the way there but forgetting what item he was sent for. Growing Numbers #20 is featured in a film segment, and jungle creatures dance and form a 20 in an animation segment by Karen Aqua.

In the Elmo's World: Up and Down segment, Elmo explores the concept of up and down.