Sesame Street Episode 4130 Gina Adopts a Baby, part 1

Sesame Street Episode 4130
Gina Adopts a Baby, part 1
Season 37 (2006)
Wayne Brady visits Sesame Street

Hoots the Owl starts the episode by singing "It Takes a Street" from a rooftop, with various scenes from Sesame Street and other locations shown in the background. Characters such as Herry, Baby Bear, Curly Bear, and Bert make appearances. Big Bird notices that the adults are excited and gathers Elmo, Rosita, and Baby Bear to find out what's happening.

Outside Gina's veterinary practice, she talks with Alan, Maria, Gordon, and Luis about her upcoming travel plans. Bob gives her a baby blanket, and the curious Muppets approach Gina to learn more. Gina shares that she's going to adopt a baby named Marco, explaining her reasons and showing them a photograph. A touching flashback sequence shows Gina meeting Marco for the first time, accompanied by the song "Hello Little One." Gina believes she and Marco are meant to be together.

Everyone congratulates Gina on her decision and encourages her to pick up Marco, who was born in Guatemala. Grover arrives, humorously offering Gina swimming gear to reach Guatemala. Gina clarifies that she'll be flying, not swimming, and Grover departs. Maria decides to accompany Gina on her trip to provide support and help with Spanish translation.

Rosita shares some Spanish words for Gina to teach Marco, and the other adults wish Gina and Maria well on their journey. They exchange hugs, and the anticipation of welcoming a new member to the Sesame Street family fills the air.

Song: "Doing the Family Thing"

During the episode, a song called "Doing the Family Thing" is performed, celebrating the importance of family and togetherness.

Traction Jackson and Margarita play "Follow Me" with TJ's grandfather.

In another segment, Traction Jackson and Margarita engage in a game of "Follow Me" with TJ's grandfather, showcasing the fun of intergenerational activities.

The Letter of the Day Games: G

Cookie Monster participates in the Letter of the Day Games, focusing on the letter G. He quickly finds a guitar, grapes, and a girl named Prairie Dawn carrying groceries, all within one minute.

Cartoon: Paper crumples to reveal G, g, and Gg.

In a short cartoon, paper crumples to reveal the uppercase G, lowercase g, and the combined Gg, emphasizing the letter's importance.

Celebrity: Wayne Brady sings "Between."

Famous guest Wayne Brady makes an appearance on Sesame Street, singing a catchy tune called "Between."

Sesame Street Dinner Theatre: Veg Side Story.

During the Sesame Street Dinner Theatre segment, a child named Tony is hesitant to eat zucchini at the dinner table. However, after trying it, he bursts into a parody of the song "Maria" from the musical West Side Story.

Global Grover: Grover returns from Hawaii by vine, where Miles taught him to play a taiko drum. Afterwards, Grover has had his drum fixed and is ready to play.

In the Global Grover segment, Grover comes back from a trip to Hawaii by swinging on a vine. He shares that Miles taught him how to play a taiko drum, and now that his drum is fixed, he's eager to play it.

The Number of the Day: A remake of the Number Song Series brings forth 1.

In a remake of the Number Song Series, the focus is on the number 1, highlighting its significance in counting and mathematics.

Cartoon: Number Guy sings "How Many Birds Can Sing on This Wire?" One bird provides the answer.

In another cartoon segment, Number Guy sings a song called "How Many Birds Can Sing on This Wire?" A single bird appears, providing the answer to the question.

Elmo's World: Fast and Slow

Elmo explores the concepts of fast and slow in his imaginative world, helping children understand the differences between the two speeds.

The Adventures of Trash Gordon Chapter 2: On the Planet of the Giant Ringing Telephone, Trash answers the phone.


  1. Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letter G and by the number 1

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