Sesame Street Episode 4148

Sesame Street Episode 4148
Elmo sends Abby her first letter
Season 38

What's the Word on the Street? Mail

Scenes: Abby Cadabby and Elmo watch Maria. She repairs a toaster.  Suddenly Rosita comes with an excited feelings, she received a letter from her abuella. She wants Maria to read it. Maria reads and her grandma says she was looking at a picture of Rosita, and it made her happy in the letter. Rosita feels so happy and decides to answer letter.

Sesame Street 4148

Abby says she never has received a letter. And then her mother calls her and she has to go. Elmo decides to write a letter to her.

Elmo goes to the Hooper’s Store and wants a paper from Chris. After paper, Elmo wants crayon from Chris. All the things he need are on the table, but suddenly he realises he only knows to write his name, due to this, he needs the help of Chris. Chris helps him because there is nobody at he Shop and writes at the end of the letter, Chris will sign but Elmo stops him and he signs with his handwrite.

Sesame Street 4148

Chris says he will send it and a few days later it will be on the Abby’s hand, but Elmo finds it too late and when talking about this, Abby Cadabby comes and they give the letter to her. She feels so happy because it is the first letter that she has received. Chris reads the letter for her because both Elmo and Abby do not know read.

Film: Children are writing a letter.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4148 is Christopher Meloni. Christopher Meloni shows a mail of his own.

Sesame Street Episode 4148

Film: The children show the items that came to them by mail.

The Letter of the Day: The letter of the day is X.  Cookie Monster presents the letter as usual. And Cookie Monster has an X-ray.

Sesame Street Episode 4148

Animation: The letter X in various text formats.

Animation: Some footballers from the past century are playing with a ball. The ball has the letter x on it.

Sesame Street 4148

Celebrity: Sesame Street has a famous guest: Ben Stiller. Ben Stiller and Telly sing The People in Your Neighborhood. He wants to be someone who lives in that neighborhood. Will he succeed?

Sesame Street Episode 4148

Animation: Two neighboring families are afraid of each other. When the children of the two families play together, this shyness ends.

The Number of the Day: The Count von Count sings as he wants to say to the number of the day, and a penguin presents him with a number 15.

Sesame Street Episode 4148

Cartoon: Rap 15

Rap 15

Film: Kid mural paint the number 15.

Big Bird's Video Postcards: Big Bird visits Guadalupe, Arizona, and performs a child mariachi band that sing "Viva Mexico." Sesame Street thanks Big Bird.

Animation: A child is drawing a house with cat in the window.

Film: Children are drawing mural.

Muppet & Kid MomentErnie watches in surprise as Dayle writes their names on the computer. Where's Bert? I wish Bert and Ernie were in this scene together.

Film: The song is called Write Your Name.

Elmo's World: In this episode, Elmo's World teaches us what hands do. Elmo's World Hands

Elmo's World

At the end of the Sesame Street Episode 4148Abby Cadabby has a call from her mother, to make sure she remember to announce the sponsors.

Sesame Street Episode 4148


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter X and by the number 15.

  2. Me:🎵Deep in the night where the 🌕 is bright and it Dawn's me to play from the question from deep within my ❤ what is the number of the day🎵 *cracks knuckles* is it 1?
    Me:🎵How long must I go on counting someone tell me won't somebody say how long must I keep searching for the number of the day?🎵 11!
    *#15 appears from Murdoch's funnel*
    Me:Eureka I found it Haha the #15 🎵The number of the day🎵