Sesame Street Episode 4144

Triangle Lover Of The Day
Season 38

What's the Word on the Street? It is “frustrated

Scenes: There is Triangle Lovers' Club meeting today and Telly looks the Triangle Triple Crown so lovely and wishes to get him. It will be worn for three weeks by the "Triangle Lover of the Day". Telly loves triangles so much, He also invited Baby Bear this event, but Baby Bear has some doubts if he is suitable fort his event or not. Telly comforts him and explains his plan about event, which is about triangle, they‘ll make a triangle. And then they will sing club’s anthem, and then find Triangle Lovers' Cheer.

baby bear

In the event Norman asks who is volunteer to do a triange. Telly is eager to do it and raises his finger eagerly, wants to g oto the podium. He makes a triangle, its colour is red, blue and yellow.
Baby Bear then asks the GHTL(The Grand High Triangle Lover  ) if theyhave ever tried building triangle with first the blue side, and then then the red and yellow sides. other members get shocked, when they see him do it his way, they understand that no matter how you arrange the pieces, they always make a triangle. Everyone likes Baby Bear’s idea, except for Telly.

Now it is time for anthem, Telly again is volunteer and he sings it, and then Baby Bear comes and asks to change last line of anthem "You are so poin-ty" to "Forever we love thee. Telly does not like it, but the other members like. And they change this line to Baby Bear’ s line. All of them sing anthem this new form very happy only Telly seems reluctant.

Sesame Street Episode

Next, is the Triangle Lovers' Cheer. Telly is again first and his cheer : "Triangles here! Triangles there! Triangles, triangles, triangles, yaaaaaay!" And then Baby Bear comes his cheer:  Triangles here! Triangles there! Triangles, triangles, everywhere!" . And as the first two events members like the Bay Bear’s cheer.  The members decides it becomes the new cheer.

It is time for crowning. Baby Bear wins three times. And member wants to give crown to him. Telly argues them and says he is not a triangle lover and does not deserve it. But it does not change the member’s decision. Telly realises that Baby Bear will get crown and he leaves from the event before crowning ceremony. Baby Bear gets the crown, he wears it and looks Telly to share his happines with him but he does not find Telly and gets confused.

Sesame Street Episode

Telly is so angry and meetss Gordon, Baby Bear reaches and asks what’s happening, Gordon points out that it is quite normal a bit jelaous for him. Baby Bear expresses that he loves triange club too, they again become friend and goes out but this time Baby Bear leaves his crown there he forgets and Norman finds it and tries in a hidden way.

Film: This is a detective movie. A woman is looking at the picture of the triangle. What is her purpose?

Sesame Street Episode

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street is Kelly Ripa. She is a famous American dancer and actress. Kelly Ripa shows the Word frustrated.

Sesame Street Episode 4144

Animation: Cavemen whistles and flowers are growing.

The Letter of the Day: Cookie Monster presents the letter of the day. It is J. Cookie Monster finds words that starts with the letter J. Let's see if he eats everything. J for jelly bean. J for jackhammer.

Sesame Street Episode 4144

Animation: We learn some words that start with the letter J. J, for juggle, jiggle jump,joy.

Cartoon: When a group of animals see the letter J, they raise their hands and jump. "Jumpin' J"

Sesame Street Episode

Dancing with Triangles - Game Show: Tom Twinkletoes presents a show that the contestants have to dance with a triangle. Chris dances flamenco with a hexagon. Gordon dances square-dances with a square. Maria has a tango Show with The Elephant. Telly dances with triangle. And becomes the winner due to triangle.

Sesame Street Episode

Animation: A little girl is moving like an elephant.

Sesame Street Episode

The Number of the Day: The Count presents the number of the day. It is 13. There are 13 dancing vegetables. Sesame Street fans count to 13 with The Count.

Sesame Street Episode 4144

Film: Counted up to 13 by Milo.

Cartoon: We continue with Suzie Kabloozie and her cat. Suzie Kabloozie - 13

Celebrity: James Blunt sings a song with Telly which is about triangle.

Sesame Street Episode 4144

Film: There are three little kids, they come together and make triangle shape with their body. Each of them is a edge of triangle.

Elmo's World: This episode is about feet. Elmo's World Feet.

Elmo's World

Closing: Sesame Street Episode 4144 ends. At the end of the episode Abby Cadabby tells the sponsors in a rhyme. We thank Abby Cadabby.


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  4. Aaron: ah greetings haha yes welcome to my 🏰, now it's time for 1 of my favorite things in the whole wide 🌎 yes the number of the day, oh I wonder what the number of the could be let's find out shall we *cracks knuckles*

    Thomas: 🎵One
    Edward: 🎵Two
    Henry: 🎵Three
    Gordon: 🎵Four
    James: 🎵Five
    Aaron:Oh the suspense...
    Percy: 🎵Six
    Toby: 🎵Seven
    Duck: 🎵Eight
    Donald: 🎵Nine
    Douglas: 🎵Ten
    Aaron: When, when will we get to the number of the day?
    Oliver: 🎵Eleven
    Emily: 🎵Twelve
    Stanley: 🎵Thirteen
    [#13 pops out of Stanley's funnel]
    Aaron: haha the number of the day is 13 thrilling 13
    [13 Vegetables appear
    And here to celebrate are 13 Dancing Vegetables yes ah ah, oh I ❤ Dancing Vegetables and I ❤ the #13

  5. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter J and by the number 13.