Sesame Street Episode 4085

Sesame Street Episode 4085
Healthy Food Game Show
Season 36 (2005)

Healty Moment: Episode begins with Healty Moment. Ken Jennings and Grover are in the Street. Grover asks him to say something it is both full of vitamin and sweet taste. Jennings says  "What is a fruit?" and got it true. His prize is a pineapple.

Sesame Street 4085

Scenes: Zoe and Elmo are jumping rope, after a while they feel hungry and suddenly yhey hear a voice, it is a mysterious voice that turns out to be Mr. Healty Food. It is a game which is The Healthy Food Game.  In the play Elmo and Zoe have to find four healty food in a different colours before the mouse climbs to the top of the refrigerator.

Elmo and Zoe start to play. The colour Wheel spin and stays in red colour. Zoe and Elmo goes to the Hooper’s Store to find red colour fruit. They decide to look apple that is red, but they find only green apple. When Chris prepeares food, he wants to add red pepper and then they look red pepper.

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They find the red coloured food that is red pepper. This time the colour is White.  Elmo and Zoe go to Gina, she will have lunch and prepeares some food, but she doesn’t have any White food. Old MacDonald overhears them and get a glass of milk from Gladys the Cow to give them. White for milk.

Mr. Healthy Food expresses them they find two food, but at the same time he mouse is inching closer to the top of the refrigerator. The next is green. They go to the garden to find green thing.

Sesame Street Episode 4085

Susan and Bianca are in the garden, Elmo and Zoe look green something but they do not find Susan says them lettuce is green. Three healty food has already founded, but Mouse nearly reaches at the top of the refrigerator. The last colour is purple, they immediately go to find a purple healty food.

Elmo and Zoe find the last one, it is eggplant. They win the game. Prize is the healty food that they found. He signs off with Live long and eat colorful. They are too much hungy and go to the picnic to eat them. Sesame Street ends the scenes.

Song: "I Eat the Colors of the Rainbow"

Sesame Street Episode 4085

Film: Maria's family has a Cuban bar. Maria wants to introduce Cuban culture to her friend StewartThe picture of Oscar the Grouch is on a ball. Still, it's good to see Oscar the Grouch.

Animation: The peppers are dancing. Let's see what's next.    

Sesame Street Episode 4085

The Letter of the Day Part 1:  The letter of the day is G. Cookie Monster presents the letter with a huge cookie.

Film: Imagine a forest in the countryside. There's a giant "G" in the forest. Isn't that amazing? This film was first published in Episode 3498.

The Letter of the Day Part 2: After Cookie Monster eats cookie he gets larger and begins naming G words like gassy. G for Gassy.

Animation: Pencil box with G.

Sesame Street Episode 4085

Film: There are Green Beans. Jane Tuesday wants to introduce the letter "G." That's why he eats green beans.

Sesame 4085

Spanish Word of the Day: Gato is the Today’s Spanish Word. It means cat in English.

Cartoon: A cat is hungry. There's cat food there. See if the cat can open the box.

Sesame Street 4085

Song: In this episode there is song for "milk". It is one of the healthy foods.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4085 is Wyclef Jean. Wyclef Jean is a musician. He raps for healthy food. Cookie Monster accompanies him.

Sesame Street 4085

Song: In this episode, we listen to "Color Me Carrot".

Muppet & Kid Moment: Grover talks to Maya, a little girl. They talk about healty food especially healty vegetables. Grover asks her favourite vegetables, she answers it as a carrot.

Muppets: Ernie is a farmer. And he's picking vegetables from the field. He sings "Grow High Grow Low." It would be better if Bert and Ernie sang together.

Sesame Street 4085

Animation: Funny farmer planting corn in the field. Will it rain for the growth of corn?

Global Grover: Grover comes back from Paris. He comes with a shopping basket. In his film, Lia and her father go farmer's market and bakery in Paris. And then, the food are in shock and Grover thinks they don't get it and shows by putting himself in the basket. The food takes Grover in the basket to his grandmother's home.

Sesame Street 4085

Animation: The fruits come together to form a face.

Sesame Street Episode 4085

The Number of the Day: In Sesame Street Episode 4085, the number of days is 6.

Sesame Street Episode 4085

Film: The Count von Count sings a song that is Six at Sea.

Film: There are six flowers.

Muppets: The Count is watching on TV "Six Feet Under."

Song: There's a song. The song is called "Around and Around"

Elmo's World: Elmo's World Food. Who doesn't like it? We're watching Elmo's World to get fun information about it.

Sesame Street Episode 4085

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Trash Gordon is driving a spaceship. He comes across a big space hen. Trash Gordon has to cross the other side. Will he succeed? (Chapter 842)

Sesame Street Episode 4085 ends with Trash Gordon's crazy adventure.

Sesame Street Episode 4085


  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter G and by the number 6.

  2. I think that the best part of the Cuban barbecue sketch was when the kids went swimming at the beach. They looked so adorable in their bathing suits, especially Leonard.

  3. I think that the best part of Six at Sea was when the kids wore their bathing suits. So adorable.

    1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter G and S by the number 8.sesame street is a production of the children's television workshop