Sesame Street Episode 4081

Sesame Street Episode 4081
Rosita dislikes her accent
Season 35 (2004)

My Favorite Moments: The Episode begins with Ruben Studdard. He says he loves Rubber Duckie when he was a little boy.

Sesame Street Episode 4081

ScenesRosita and Big Bird talks about how Rosita will say the alphabet with the Birdketeers. When they talk about this, two children comes to ask the direction of park. Rosita answers and says they should find the pigeon statue, but when she says pigeon, they laugh due to her unusual pronounce of pigeon. Rosita feels upset and wants to speak normal.

Sesame Street 4081

Henry Piggins overhears her when he comes. And consults her sing a song to repair her Accent. But Rosita is so hopeless that she has decided to never speak. Big Bird has some attempts to provide her speaking, but all of them useless, she does not speak again. Oscar the Grouch has some complimans to her and finally she starts to speak. I think Oscar the Grouch can boast of himself.

Sesame Street 4081

Two children returns and this time they like Rosita’s speaking, because she speaks Spanish, and says the Word paloma which means pigeon in English. The stories of Sesame Street characters are coming to an end.

Song: "There Is Only One Me." A little girl sings this song.

Sesame Street 4081

Film: A parrot is taught the Spanish language.

The Letter of the Day: Cookie Monster presents the letter of the day. It is Y. Cookie Monster has a cookie with the letter y.

Sesame Street Episode 4081

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street is Norah Jones. She is a famous American pianist. Elmo and Norah Jones sings: "Don't Know Y"

Film: We see the different uses of the letter Y. Y for yodel, Y for yellow, Y for yell.

Sesame Street 4081

The Spanish Word of the Day: Professor Grover presents the Spanish Word. It is libro which means book in English. Sesame Street characters continue to teach us something.

Muppets: In this section we encounter Anything Muppets. "It's Sure Hot!" The song is sung by Anything Muppets.

Journey to Ernie: Ernie goes to the Shape Land. In here he talks about the geometric shapes.

Sesame Street Episode 4081

Song: In this scene, Elmo and Ernie are together. They are singing a song: "Sing After Me."

Global Grover: Grover and Roberto comes back from Mexico with a lump of clay. In his film, Saul and his family make clay pottery. Sesame Street fans go to Mexico thanks to Grover.

Film: Little girl with blond hair plays violin. Her name is Madlenka. And when she plays violin, she takes her listeners to the memories.

The Number of the Day: The number of the day is 7. Seven chickens dance to Show the number of the day.

Cartoon / Film: There are Seven squares / seven children (dance).

Elmo's World: This part of Elmo's World gives us information about the weather. Elmo's World Weather

Elmo's World

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: In this episode, we are watching Chapter 269. Trash Gordon gives a giant bottle to the Giant Monster Baby. So Sesame Street Episode 4081 ends.

Sesame Street Episode 4081

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter Y and by the number 7.