Sesame Street Episode 4141

Sesame Street Episode 4141
Big Bird Breaks Elmo's Tricycle
Season 38
What's the Word on the Street? – It is Tricycle

Scenes: Scene begins with Elmo who is riding a tricycle, he enjoys so much at this time. He wants to ride the whole day. Because he likes it so much. When he is riding, he bumps into Big Bird. Big Birds is interested in tricycle and asks Elmo to use it. Elmo lets her tor ide it, but unfortunately Big Bird is too big to ride Elmo’s bike, and breaks it.

Sesame Street Episode 4141

Both Elmo and Big Bird are so unhappy. Big Bird does not want to break it, Elmo is sad because he would ride it the whole day. Oscar the Grouch meets them. Oscar the Grouch says there is no need to feel sorry or sad because they can get the bike to teh Fix Shop, and it can be repaired.

They go to fix it. Maria is tries to repair Mrs. Crustworthy's toaster. Maria points out that she will fix it but first she will complete the toaster. Elmo and Big Bird think something and they need to find something while they are waiting Maria.

At the same time, Mrs. Crustworthy play "The Toast Lovers” Participatory Popping Game instead of getting bored when waiting Maria.

elmo sesame street

Big Bird and Elmo thinks something to spend time, but they do not find only wishes to ride bike. Elmo thinks they can imagine as if they ride tricycle. They pretend to ride bike.  They move their feet like riding.

Elmo enjoys so much riding his pretend tricycle with Big Bird when his real tricycle is repaired, he decides to keep playing with Big Bird as they ride their pretend tricycles to the moon! The story of the day ends on Sesame Street.

Cartoon: "In My Head." It is singed by Suzie Kabloozie.

Celebrity: Alec Baldwin comes to the Street, he loves the word tricycle.

Sesame Street Episode 4141

Film: Nicholas is the young boy, he is old enough to rollerblade, and now he can ride a bike without any training wheels.

The Letter of the Day: Cookie Monster presents the letter of the day, he sings a rap music about the letter. It is R. R for Rap. What's Cookie Monster's next cookie adventure?

Sesame Street Episode 4141

Cartoon: There are three pirates with rotten teeth. They are singing for the letter r.

Film: There is a big orange R letter on the road.

Song: Ernie sings "Imagine That", it is about the things which he sometimes dreams to be a knight in shining armor that fights a dragon, and then a sailor, and finally himself.

ernie Sesame Street

Film: Amelia pretends she can fly.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4141 is R.E.M. group. It is a famous American rock group. They will say "Furry Happy Monsters." song. Some Sesame Street characters are with them.


Cartoon: Tommy LaPlaid’s Story, he is a painterand very sad until he found the joys of kicking his paints on the canvas.

Muppets: Abby Cadabby comes to the scene, she uses her imaginery power. Abby Cadabby thinks of a word that rhymes with milk so she can turn a glass of it into a pumpkin.

abby cadabby

Film: There are elephant shaped clouds, and then Vivaldi music plays.

Muppets: Grover performs a magic Show with the assistant of Chris. Chris chooses a card from Grover’s deck and shows audienders the card number is 8. And Grover knows it is 8 without seeing, and the next time Chris again chooses the number again 8 and Grover knows, too. Chris realises there is a trick, because all the cards are number 8.

grover sesame street

Song: Here's a song: "OK, We Got a Hiphop Beat - 8"

Animation: There are eight children who dancing in a colorblock grid. As we see these two seçene the number of the this episode is 8.

Song: Jerry Nelson sings a song about bike rides: It's a Long Hard Road, But I'm Gonna Get There.

Elmo's World: Today's episode is about bicycles. It is the hero of all of us from childhood. Elmo's World Bicycles.

Elmo's World

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Trash Gordon is tired on Planet Travel and rests on a lawn chair. Chapter 692. We've come to the end of this episode. I can't wait to see Sesame Street characters in the next episode.

Trash Gordon


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  2. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter R and by the number 8.

  3. Gil: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters Laughing
    Monsters having fun
    Happy, Happy
    See them Jump and Run
    Happy, Happy
    Laughing all the while
    Cheerful, Cheerful
    Flashing a big Smile
    That's a perfect sign
    That they're feeling fine

    Aaron: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters feeling Glad

    Molly: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters feeling Glad

    Goby: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters Laughing
    Something has gone wrong
    Sighing, Sighing
    Faces have turned long
    Crying, Crying
    Hear them Sob and Whine
    Tearful, Tearful
    That's a real good sign that they're feeling glum
    Sad Sad times have come

    Aaron: 🎵Furry Sobbing Monsters feeling Sad

    Deema: 🎵Furry Sobbing Monsters feeling Sad

    Goby: 🎵Furry Sobbing Monsters Crying

    Come on Monsters you don't have to Cry, we can be Happy yeah

    Aaron: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters feeling Glad

    Oona: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters feeling Glad

    Gil: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters Laughing

    Aaron: 🎵Furry Sobbing Monsters feeling Sad

    Zooli: 🎵Furry Sobbing Monsters feeling Sad

    Goby: 🎵Furry Sobbing Monsters Crying

    Aaron: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters feeling Glad

    Deema: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters feeling Glad

    Goby: 🎵Furry Happy Monsters Laughing

    Monsters, Happy Monsters

    Molly: 🎵Happy Monsters

    Gil: 🎵Monsters, Happy Monsters

    Aaron: 🎵Monsters, Happy Monsters

    Zooli: 🎵Happy Monsters