Elmo's World Hands

Sesame Street Elmo's World Hands Video

Elmo's World Hands

                        Elmo and Dorothy welcome the audiences, Elmo shows his hands and the opens the door, there are kids applauding as we see these, the theme of video is hand. There is a short video clip begins, there are kids show their hands.

Elmo's World Hands

Dorothy's Question

                Dorothy is not alone her bowl, she has a blue hand in her bowl andDorothy is a gold fish and does not hands. She wonders how to wash hands. Mr. Noodle’s brother Mr. Noodle is there to answer question. Elmo asks Dorothy’s question and he says ok easy and washes foot in the sink, but it’s wrong Elmo asks to wash hands. He has some incorrect attempts such as washing face, elbows etc. and luckily the last time he can do it and wash his hands. In this way we see the answer of Dorothy’s question thank to him.

Elmo's World Hands Dorothy's Question

Kids and Baby

                Dorothy is next to a sink, kids come there to wash their hands, they use liquid and bar soap, and later Elmo and a baby are on the stage, Elmo the baby with a bowl of water.

Elmo's World Hands Kids and Baby

Elmo's Question

                Elmo asks the audiences to count together the number of times a CG bongo player hits his drums.

Elmo's World Hands Elmo's Question

Video E-Mail

                Elmo has a video e-mail; it is from Telly and Baby Bear. They send an e-mail to him to show their game. They play patty cake. It is very funny game.

Elmo's World Hands Video E-Mail


                It is quiz time, Elmo asks what does have hand, what does not have hand. It is a kind of yes no question play. First asks horses have hands, of course no. Later he asks about pineapple, clocks and muppets.

Elmo's World Hands Quiz


            Today there is a short video from Elmo’s friend David. David, his mother and his friend Lauren go to the Zoo.  In the zoo David teaches his friend the American Sign Language signs for the animals they see.

Elmo's World Hands Film

TV Cartoon

                Today there is a cartoon in the Hands Channel. Mandy is main character in the cartoon, she expresses what the things can do with hands.

Elmo's World Hands TV Cartoon


                Elmo has a guest. It is a hand (Roscoe Orman). They talk about hands. Elmo counts the fingers of it. The hand scratches Elmo's back. It acts as shadow puppet and snaps. It becomes a shadow duck.

Elmo's World Hands Interview

Tickle Me Land

                Today Dorothy imagines Elmo as one more things. First imagines Elmo when doing a handstand, latter imagine is playing handball. And the last one Dorothy imagines Elmo as orchestra chef who conducts and plays in an orchestra.  At the end of the episode Elmo and Dorothy sings Hands Song Elmo, says goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo’s World Hands video ends.

Elmo's World Hands Tickle Me Land

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