Sesame Street Episode 4136

Chris looks for a job
Season 38 - 2007

What's the Word on the Street? Newspaper.

Story: Gordon and Chris who is Susan’s nephew moved to Sesame Street.Chris needs job and looks newspaper to find a job advertisement. He needs Money for buying boks for school.

Sesame Street 4136

Chris thinks the first advertisement may be for a job as a gym teacher because it reads, "Must love to exercise." He sings a new verse of "The People in Your Neighborhood."

Instead of teaching, first he should know how to exercise. This job is not suitable for him, he looks the new one.

The new job advertisement is about sales. He thinks he can do, also his neioghbour is a salesman. Chris starts to sell cookies with Cookie Monster. This time again unsuccessful, because Cookie Monster eats them, although Chris is a good salesman. Cookie Monster is a cookie lover.

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Next job is dance partner, he try his chance in this part. He can do this job well, but at the end of the job there is no Money, elephant partner gives him peanut.

Chris thinks he never find a job and just give up, he sees an advertisement on the window of Hooper’s Store. He starts working here and becomes so happy. The story is over but I wish Oscar the Grouch to be included in this story.

Sesame Street Episode online 4136

Film: We're all growing up, aren't we? We listen to a song about growth: "When You Grow Up"

Celebrity: The guest of  Episode 4136 is Matt Lauer. He's an American newscaster. Matt Lauer shows how we should use a newspaper.

Sesame Street 4136

Film: What can be done with a paper? In this video we get the answers.

Muppet and Kid Moments: Bernie Broccoli asks Pete to Show his best exercise, it is push-ups. Bernie Broccoli is a funny sesame street character. This character reminds me of Bert and Ernie because of the name resemblance.

Film: We're listening to a song about the jump. "Jump"

Film: Next up are cute space worms. Worms take the shape of the letter Y in uppercase and lowercase.

Sesame Street Episode 4136

Film: There is a planet which has Y letter on it. “Y Planet

CelebrityAnother guest is Norah Jones Elmo and Norah Jones are singing about the letter Y. "Don't Know Y"

Sesame Street Episode 4136

Film: We walk around a neighborhood made of paper people.

Muppets: Abby Cadabby has a surprise to Elmo, and shows her feats of magic, like disappearing and turning a mailbox into a pumpkin. Abby Cadabby uses her wand as a back scratcher.

Sesame Street Episode 4136

Animation: It's a  classic. Cecille sings her beautiful song to us. "I Want to Be Me." Cecille is an unforgettable sesame street character.

The Number of the Day: The Count presents the number of the day. It is 5.

Sesame Street Episode 4136

Film: We go to the ice in Antarctica. There we see the number 5.

Film: Two cute little girls counting up to 5 together.

Elmo's World: This fun part of Elmo's World is all about mouthsElmo's World Mouths.

Sesame Street 4136

The Adventures of Trash GordonOscar the Grouch reads Trash's new story to Slimey: Chapter 842. Trash Gordon wants to bring back the sheep of Little Bo Peep in this chapter.  Sesame Street Episode 4136 ends after this adventure. Unfortunately, Bert and Ernie don't show up in this episode.

Sesame Street 4136


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  3. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter Y and by the number 5.

  4. Aaron: ah greeting yes it is I Aaron Christopher and I'm about to find out what the number of the day is oh I wonder what it will be? *cracks knuckles* yes perhaps it is the number

    Thomas: 🎵One
    Aaron: no or possibly number
    Edward: 🎵Two
    Aaron: no could it be?
    Henry: 🎵Three
    Aaron: no then it must be
    Gordon: 🎵Four
    Aaron: no oh the suspense is too much i hope it is
    James: 🎵Five
    [Engines cheer for 5 as #5 pops out of James's funnel]
    Aaron: ah yes 5 is the number! ah ah ah ah 5 beautiful 5 and here to celebrate here are ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ haha, anyone for 🍰?
    [Engines continue cheering for #5]