Sesame Street Episode 4131

Sesame Street Episode 4131
Gina Adopts a Baby, part 2
Season 37 (2006)

Scenes: There is a crib, Luis and Gordon lift it. Elmo comes and asks about baby and adopting. Big Bird answer Elmo’s question and explains with Gordon noting his and Susan's own adoption of Miles as an example.

Sesame Street 4131

Big Bird, Bert, Oscar the Grouch, Telly Monster, Alan, Elmo, Baby Bear and Cookie Monster sing a song. The name of song is "There's a Baby Coming." sesame street characters together in this scene.

Bob and Alan comes they both buy diapers and some different gifts, they g oto the Gina’s house.
All of them go to se the baby. They give presents and items that are bought for baby. Maria points out that the baby has to rest, and the group leaves.

Big Bird, Elmo, and the Birdketeers visit to see baby, they sing a song which is the Alphabet Song.
Suddenly a noise has heard from ceiling, of course this is Super Grover. He comes here for Marco, too.

Sesame Street 4131

All of them come to see and help, after they leave home. Marco can sleep and rest now. The story of Episode ends.

Sesame Street 4131

Film: A song about the importance of mothers: "Mommy's Lap"

The Letter of the Day: The letter of the day is D. Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn play a game to find letter. D for doggie, D for Daisy. Thanks to Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street 4131

Film: There are big D and small D in the boat. And you will hear a song about them.

Film: Think of a big "D", wandering the streets of the city.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4131 is Jill Scott. Jill Scott is a famous American poet, actor and singer. "We Are All Earthlings." It is sing by Jill Scott.    

Sesame Street 4131

Film: There is a healty song time. It is grape.

The Sign Language Moment: Elmo presents the Sign Language Moment of the Day, exercise.

Film: A cute caterpillar sings. It keeps moving at the same time. So the song's name is "Exercise."

Muppets: Baby Bear talking to a little girl. He's asking that girl about the things she's having trouble doing.

Film: Triangles and hexagons coming side by side. A beautiful pattern emerges.

Muppets: Ernie sings a song, its name is Shake Your Head One Time, the song is about moving body. Mr. Honker, Grover, Elmo and Bert assist Ernie in the dancing. Thanks to Bert and Ernie for singing and dancing.

Sesame Street 4131

The Number of the Day: The Count presents the number of the day. It is 11. Kale hops 11 times on a foot.

Rap: We're watching Rap 11. This scene has been around since Episode 2531.

Rubber Stamp: Another classic video, Rubber Stamp 11.

Elmo's World: Elmo's World makes us laugh and tells the importance of the family. Elmo's World Families.

Sesame Street Episode 4131

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Oscar the Grouch reads Trash's new story to Slimey: Chapter 648.
 Trash Gordon throws the pebbles off his shoe. The colored puppets who see him imitate what he did. When Trash's adventure ends, Sesame Street Episode 4131 ends.

Sesame Street Episode 4131

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter D and by the number 11.