Sesame Street Episode 4132 Gina Adopts a Baby, part 3

Gina Adopts a Baby, part 3
Season 37 (2006)
Norah Jones visits Sesame Street

In Episode 4132 of Sesame Street, the street scenes begin with Gina welcoming the viewer. A pair of dancing pigs ask her when she'll be going back to work. Big Bird and Snuffy stop by, wanting to play with baby Marco. They suggest various activities such as baseball, roller skating, pogo stick jumping, and checkers. However, Gina explains that Marco is not old enough for these activities yet.

Gina suggests that Big Bird and Snuffy need to "think like babies" to imagine appropriate activities for Marco. Taking her advice, they decide to play peek-a-boo with the baby. As Gina feeds Marco, Mr. Snuffleupagus recalls how his mom used to sing him an eating song while his dad played the tuba. They then sing "Eat, Eat, Eat" together.

After the song, Big Bird and Snuffy feel hungry. Gina offers them mashed bananas, which they both try. Big Bird remembers that his granny used to play an animal game with him. He, Snuffy, and Gina take turns reciting animal sounds while trying to guess each other's.

Big Bird and Snuffy then discuss naps and promptly fall asleep. Gina comments on how well they think like babies and tells Marco that one day he will play baseball with them.

The episode features a remake of the song "Beautiful Baby." In a Muppets segment, as Mr. Johnson reads at home, Grover bursts in with a bullhorn introducing "Outrageous Makeover: Home Addition." Under Grover's guidance, three workers rearrange his furniture and add three doors to the room. They then remove all the doors, forcing Grover to stay.

In "The Letter of the Day Games: Y" segment, Cookie Monster finds a yo-yo, yam, and yawning girl in one minute. A film segment showcases kids forming the letter Y with their bodies. The episode also includes a cartoon segment about Planet Y. Celebrity Norah Jones sings "Don't Know Y" with Elmo.

A cartoon segment presents the "Healthy Food Song: Artichoke." Big Bird helps present the "Sign Language Moment of the Day" with the word "jump." The episode also features the song "Jump" with a soul music theme.

In a Muppets and Kid Moment, Murray Monster and Skai dance together. In an Ernie and Bert segment, Ernie sings "I Love My Toes" about how amazing his toes are. Bert is inspired by his own toes, but Ernie has gone to sleep. So, Bert shares his newfound fascination with Bernice on the windowsill.

The episode includes a cartoon segment called "This is the Game Today" and another cartoon segment about counting fingers. A film segment features the Number of the Day, which is 5, and a girl's mom can dribble 5 balls. Two girls clap out five in another film segment, and a chorus of 5s come out of a 5 painting in a cartoon segment.

In a Muppets segment, when Telly wants to play, he says "Let's play!" When Rosita wants to play, she says "¡Vamos a jugar!" The episode also features Elmo's World: Games and The Adventures of Trash Gordon, Chapter 842. On the planet Fairytale, Trash contacts Little Bo Peep by interstellar cell phone to bring her sheep home.


  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter Y and by the number 5.

  2. 41:59 Prairie Dawn starts crying

  3. Gina's baby's name reminds me of Marco Polo

  4. Where was the jump song filmed at