Sesame Street Episode 4122 Prairie Dawn's Healthy Food Pageant

Sesame Street Episode 4122
Prairie Dawn's "Healthy Food Pageant"
Season 37 (2006)
Nathan Lane visits Sesame Street

the street scenes revolve around the Healthy Food Pageant, orchestrated by Prairie Dawn. As she plays the piano, the pageant begins with Zoe dressed as a potato, Rosita as a tortilla, and Telly as asparagus. Rosita sings her lines in both Spanish and English. Telly, initially nervous about playing his role since he hasn't tried asparagus before, tastes the vegetable and gets into the spirit.

A complication arises when Elmo cannot find his broccoli costume. Gabi helps Elmo recall where he left it, eventually jogging his memory. Elmo retrieves his costume from near Prairie Dawn's piano and plays his role as broccoli. The four characters then sing together, delighting their audience.

Throughout the street scenes, the characters face challenges and learn valuable lessons. They work together to overcome obstacles, such as locating Elmo's missing costume and calming Telly's nerves about playing the role of asparagus. The Healthy Food Pageant serves as an entertaining and educational experience for both the characters and the viewers, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating and teamwork.

An Animation segment displays the contents of a fruit bowl forming a face. In a Celebrity segment, Nathan Lane and The Oinker Sisters sing "Sing." In a Muppets segment, Prairie Dawn encourages Cookie Monster to think of words that begin with "A" during The Letter of the Day. However, she can't prevent him from eating the letter, much to her aggravation.

In a Cartoon segment, "Soul A!" is featured, followed by a Film segment showcasing "A" for action, acrobat, art, artichoke, and applause. Another Cartoon segment presents a man who is allergic to the letter "A." A Potato Marching Song is also included in another Cartoon segment.

In a Muppets segment, Prairie Dawn reports for Nursery Rhyme News and discovers that Jack be Nimble is too tired to jump over the candlestick. A Film segment follows, where a little girl explains what energy is, what foods give you energy, and what other animals and cars need for their energy.

In a Muppets & Kid Moment, Papa Bear has Antonio demonstrate his capability of doing splits. Down on the farm, Ernie sings "Grow High Grow Low" in another Muppets segment. A Cartoon segment titled "This Is the Game Today" is featured, followed by another Cartoon segment where viewers are instructed to hop, shake their head, and wriggle like an octopus.

A Transition segment features a bouncing ball, and a Cartoon segment shows a party line. In a Muppets segment, Global Grover returns from Paris with a shopping basket and shares a film where Lia and her father visit a farmer's market and bakery in Paris. A Film segment features Wegman dogs playing "Jack Sprat."

In an Insert segment, The Number of the Day is 13, with The Count counting thirteen swings in the tire. A Film segment presents Milo Counting: 13, followed by a Cartoon segment where a mouse riding an armadillo in the western desert sings "Lucky Thirteen." An Animation segment showcases the Parade of Numbers #13.

In a Muppets segment, Elmo's World: Skin is featured. Finally, in another Insert segment, The Adventures of Trash Gordon, Chapter 453, Trash is heroically tired on Planet Vacation and relaxes on a lawn chair.


  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter A and by the number 13.

    1. Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah.

    2. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter A, S, & C and by the number 13 and 17. Sesame street is a production of the children's television workshop
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