Sesame Street Episode 4118

Sesame Street Episode 4118
"Ask Oscar" Show
Season 37 (2006)
Wyclef Jean visits Sesame Street.

SCENES: It's time to "Ask Oscar!" Telly reads off a letter by Littler Ricky Roma, after the Oinker Sisters sing the theme song. He asks what the round fasteners on his jacket are called but Oscar refuses to answer the question. He disappears into his trash can and he tells that he has to clean his elephant. 

Sesame Street 4118

Maria is supervising Natasha on the Fix-It Shop. Telly is coming in. He has a problem. He has to find a plan to have Oscar answer Ricky’s question.

Telly is with Maria and Natasha in front of Oscar’s trash can. Oscar asking himself what’s going on. Maria says that she is teaching Natasha new B words. Just like baby, booties, and bonnet. She points out Natasha’s buttons, and she asks Oscar what they’re called. But Oscar refuses to answer. Maria wants to answer Little Ricky’s question but Telly stopped er. He has another idea to make Oscar answer.

Sesame Street 4118

Telly goes to Hooper’s Store and explains to Alan about his plan.

Alan is holding a tray and trash bag and he walks over with Telly to Oscar’s trash can. Telly sues the show intro and Oscar pops out asking what’s going on. Alan tells him that he has to throw trash away. He asks if Oscar would like the trash for his collection. Oscar refuses it but after Alan suggests playing a game with the trash, he is interested.

Alan sings a song pointing out the contents of the tray. The song is "Three of These Things". Oscar tells the name of food scraps but he refuses to identify the button. At this moment, Baby Bear and Telly are walking by.

Sesame Street Episode 4118

Telly explains his problem also to Baby Bear and he says that he needs a plan.

Baby Beas paints a picture of a button and calls for help as he is near Oscar’s trash can. Oscar asks what’s going on and Baby Bear explains that his accomplice was once attached to a jacket but he couldn’t remember what he was called. But Oscar refuses to help Baby Bear.

Sesame Street Episode 4118

After his friends are gone, Oscar whispers that "They’re buttons". Telly hears that and he says that Richy’s question is answered. As the other sing the Ask Oscar song, Oscar groans.

Cartoon: "I'm Curious" (new sound effects added)  Artist: Sally Cruikshank

The Letter of the Day Games: The Letter of the Day is B. Cookie Monster finds that banana, balloons, and a bathtub starts with the letter B.

Sesame Street 4118

Film: Alphaboy: B - Balogna on a bumpy bicycle ride.

Muppets: A farmer sings the song "If I Were the Letter B" and he wishes he were a letter of the alphabet.

Film: In this film Jane Tuesday east a tasty blueberry in the Case of the Letter B.

Cartoon: Healthy food song: Milk

Celebrity: Cookie Monster sings the song "Healthy Food" with Wyclef Jean. 

Sesame Street 4118

Animation: Mannequins in a store window dance.

Muppet & Kid Moment: Grover is wondering what people need to eat to keep healthy and he asks Amaya.

Ernie and Bert: Ernie is singing "What’s the Name of That Song?" and he keeps Bert awake at night.

Sesame Street Episode 4118

Cartoon: Edgar Turtle sings "Hey Diddle Diddle." Artist: Jeff Hale.

Cartoon: "This is the Game Today"

Film: "One of These Things:"  In this film are acting: Three pineapples and one watermelon.

Film: "One of These Things:" Four hats.

Global Grover: Grover was in England. He returns to Sesame Street and is ready to play a new game. He has a film about a child that learns how to play cricket in London. Grover plays also cricket with a cricket.

The Number of the Day: 3. A remake of the Number Song Series brings forth 3.

Animation: An animated farmer and woodworker are singing the song  "Three is My Favorite Number."

Film: Some kids are dancing for the number 3.

Sesame Street 4118

Cartoon: Three fish

Elmo's World: Games

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Chapter 538: Trash is on Planet Triangle, he is taunted by its residents until playing his triangle. Sesame Street Episode 4118 ends after The Adventures of Trash Gordon Chapter 538.

Sesame Street Episode 4118

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter B and by the number 3.