Sesame Street Episode 4110

Sesame Street Episode 4110
Abby Cadabby's first day of school
Season 37 (2006)

Elmo has fixed a windmill in Dorothy’s fishbowl in the Fix-It-Shop. Baby Bear looks to find Abby Cadabby. This is Abby’s first day at the Storybook Community School. Elmo looks forward to hearing about their school experience.

Sesame Street 4110

Mrs. Goose welcomes the kids with a welcome song. She introduces Abby to the other storybook characters. But suddenly she disappears!

At the Fix-It Show, Luis tries to finish Dorothy’s windmill. Abby appears and she talks with Elmo about her day at school. Then she zaps herself back to school.

Sesame Street 4110

It’s time for show and tell at school. Marry shows off her lamb’s animal impressions. Abby can not decide what to show. Baby Bear suggests her to show off her wand.

Abby zaps herself back to Sesame Street and asks Elmo and Luis for advice. They told her the same. Elmo taps accidentally himself with the wand and he disappear.SCENE, cont'd  
Abby’s classmates are sad about her disappearance. This time appears someone but this is not Abby. This is Elmo! 

Sesame Street 4110

A few seconds later Abby appears too. She decided to show Elmo and tell them about him. Mrs. Goose agrees and then they sing another part of the welcome song.
The entire street scene can be viewed on SesameStreet's YouTube Channel. (YouTube)

Song: The song "Get Up" plays to the tune of Outkast’s "Hey Ya". A boy gets ready for school.

The Letter of the Day: C. The Letter of the Day C is introduced by Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster. C stands for cookie but Cookie Monster doesn’t intend to eat the letter.

Sesame Street Episode 4110

Cartoon: "C in Space". Artist: Gene Barretta

Film: There are various C words in a yard.                

The Spanish Word of the Day: Professor Grover, want to teach the Spanish word ecuela to the kids. This word means where they are now, he says a fishbowl but the kids' reply no, the word means school. A yellow and orange fish swims up to Grover and asks if he was late for escuela. 

Film: A film about the word school, with some school scenes.

Cartoon: Healthy Food Cartoon: Apple

Insert: Elmo is pedaling down Sesame Street and he sings "Riding a Tricycle".

Sesame Street Episode 4110

Film: Lindsey is with Steph and they are practicing their basketball shooting.

Muppet & Kid Moment: Papa Bear is talking with Antonio about exercise. Papa Bear asks him what is his favorite sport. 

Ernie and Bert: Ernie sings a song with the Dingers "The Ding-Along Song".

Sesame Street 4110

Film: This is a rhythm of breaking eggs, door slams, cans dropping, ice, and feet stepping.

Cartoon: "This is the Game Today"

Film: What is it? An ear!

Film: What is it? A leopard!                

Global Grover: Grover was in Bangladesh. He returns with a fruit basket of "art supplies". He has a film about Nishta and her classmates. They are taking an art class and learn how to make art with fruit and leaves.

Sesame Street Episode 4110

Cartoon: Tommy La Plaid is a sad painter. But then he discovered how to kicking his paints on the canvas. Artist: Mo Willems

The Number of the Day: The number of the day is 2 and a remake of the number song series brings forth 2. (The intro song was cut in the HBO version.)

Film: Egyptian 2

Song: "2, 2, 2, Me and You" 

Episode 4110

Elmo's World: School

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Chapter 692 - Trash Gordon comes face to face with his double on the Planet Double-Trouble. Sesame Street Episode 4110 Abby Cadabby's first day of school ends.

Sesame Street Episode 4110