Watch Elmo's World Dinosaurs

Sesame Street Elmo's World Dinosaurs
Written by: Tony Geiss
Directed by: Victor Di Napoli
Video: Dinosaurus Favorite Things
First Appearance: Episode 4082

Guess What Elmo’s Thinking About Today?

          A new episode on Sesame Street. Elmo talks about Dinosaurs in Elmo’s World. Dinosaurs are running into Elmo’s room. Kids are playing with Dinosaurs sculptures, playing with dinosaur toys and reading books about dinosaurs. They are drawing a big dinosaur on the wall. Elmo drew also a dinosaur picture.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs

Dorothy’s Question

          Dorothy has a question. She wants to know how you pretend to be a dinosaur. Elmo says that this question is a great one. Elmo wants to ask Mr. Noodle but he has his headphones and he can not hear. Then he try to pretend to be a dinosaur. But he acts like a ballet dancer or a monkey. After the descriptions of Elmo and the kids, he can act like a dinosaur but he is afraid from himself. J

Elmo's World Dinosaurs Dorothy’s Question

Kids And Baby

          Dorothy asks the kids. They are telling her, what are different dinosaurs doing. What they eating, how they moving e.t.c. Elmo wants to ask a baby. The little boy prefers to play with Elmo. Elmo laughs and kisses the baby. He finds the baby cute.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs Kids And Baby

Elmo’s Question

          Elmo has a question. He has some stegasaurus eggs. They are hutsching in to baby stegasaurus. Elmo asks for help to count them. But finally comes a baby tyranosaurus and scares the stegasaurus babies.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs Elmo’s Question


          Elmo's World Dinosaurs video continues with the quiz section. Elmo asks about the kinds of dinosaurs. He asks yes/no questions to find out it. Snuffly has a dinosaur head in this snuffle. He says he is a snufflasaurus.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs Quiz

Video E-Mail

          Elmo has mail. Even the computer looks like a dinosaur today. This is a video e-mail from Elmo’s friend Ernie. Ernie says, that his favorite dinosaur is rubber duckie -  o - saurus. This is a joke. It’s not a dinosaur. It’s just Rubber Duckie with a dinosaur costume.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs Video E-Mail


          Elmo’s friend Kate loves dinosaurs. She wants to see them, but dinosaurs are not living anymore. She has to go to a museum with her mother. She goes to American Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaur skeletts and bones. Scientists and paleontologists put the bones together and make a skeleton. They saw also dinosaur eggs. Elmo is wondering what is a paleonthologist.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs Film

Note: You can watch Sesame Street Elmo's World Dinosaurs full episode from the video above.

TV Cartoon

At the dinosaur channel is paleontologist Bones Martin. Bones Martin, talks about paleontology, about dinosaurs and sings a song about dinosaurs  ´The Dinosaur Stomp´ .

Elmo's World Dinosaurs TV Cartoon


          Elmo wants to know more about dinosaurs. He asks a dinosaur to talk him about dinosaurs. A dinosaur sees the sun, the sky, the star, the rocks. Some dinosaurs are eating meat and some leaves. Some dinosaurs can fly.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs Interview

Tickle Me Land

          Dorothy imagines Elmo as a pterosaur. He can everywhere and he can see other animals and dinosaurs.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs Tickle Me Land

          Elmo, Dorothy and Mr. Dinosaur singing together the dinosaur song and they say goodbye. This was another episode in Elmo’s World video with dinosaurs.

Elmo's World Dinosaurs song