Sesame Street Episode 4106 Bob's deaf niece

Sesame Street Episode 4106
Bob's deaf niece
Season 36 (2005)
Evelyn Glennie visits Sesame Street

In Episode 4106 of Sesame Street, the street scenes begin with Telly, Rosita, Baby Bear, and Curly Bear welcoming the viewer. Telly and Rosita are getting ready to play a game of tag and ask Baby Bear if he would like to play with them. However, Baby Bear says he has to take care of Curly Bear and cannot play with them.

Telly and Rosita play tag with each other until they get tired of tagging each other rapidly. They decide to find another person who can play with them. As they look around, Telly notices a girl sitting at the steps of 123 Sesame Street. He has never seen her around Sesame Street before, but he and Rosita decide to go over and ask her if she wants to play tag with them.

When they get closer to the girl, Telly and Rosita say hi to her. However, the girl doesn’t turn around or reply to them no matter how many times they say hi to her. Rosita thinks maybe she doesn’t want to play with them and is ignoring them. Just then, Bob arrives and says hi to Rosita and Telly. He then signs hello to the girl and introduces his niece, Samara, to Telly and Rosita. Telly says he and Rosita said hi to her, but she didn’t acknowledge them. Samara signs that she is sorry and that she didn’t hear them. Telly and Rosita decide to shout, thinking that Samara might hear them better. However, Bob informs them that she is deaf and cannot hear, but can understand and communicate with her hands using sign language.

After the confusion is cleared up, Telly asks Samara if she wants to play tag with them. Samara signs and Bob tells them that she would like to play with them. However, Rosita thinks it would be a problem since she and Telly don’t know any sign language. Bob informs them that they sometimes communicate in ways other than speaking without realizing it or knowing any sign language, such as shaking their head side to side to say no and nodding their heads to say yes. They all play a guessing game so Telly and Rosita can learn the signs for a few words. Afterwards, Samara goes off with Telly and Rosita to play tag.

Telly and Rosita are now tired from playing tag and decide to take a break and recite the alphabet. However, they are concerned Samara may not be able to recite the alphabet since she is deaf. On the other hand, Samara shows them that she can recite the alphabet by signing the letters. After reciting the alphabet, they all go back to their game of tag.

Later, Telly, Rosita, and Samara go to Hooper’s Store and meet Alan, Baby Bear, and Curly Bear. Telly and Rosita introduce Samara to them and inform them that she is deaf, but can communicate with sign language. Alan signs hi to Samara and introduces Baby Bear and Curly Bear to her. Baby Bear tries to get Curly Bear to say hi to Samara, but she isn’t listening and is pointing to her mouth.

Samara thinks that Curly Bear is using her hands to communicate with them. All of them watch what Curly bear is doing and figure out that she is hungry and wants to eat a banana. After she gets her banana, Curly Bear starts to move her right arm up and down. Samara thinks she is acting like a monkey and Baby Bear realizes what Curly Bear is trying to tell him. He explains whenever she eats a banana at home, he acts like a monkey for her. Baby Bear starts to jump around and hoot like a monkey as Curly bear eats her banana.

Samara signs to Baby Bear that for a bear he makes a pretty good monkey. Baby Bear is amazed at the way Samara signs and wants to learn sign language. Telly and Rosita agree and say they want to learn also. Baby Bear joins Telly, Rosita, and Samara in their game of tag, leaving Curly Bear in Alan’s hands. Alan continues to act like a monkey as Curly Bear finishes up her banana.

The episode begins with a Healthy Moment segment, where Elmo and members of the Little Theater of the Deaf sign words and demonstrate actions like jump, run, dance, and rest to show how to stay healthy.

In a Muppets segment, Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster introduce the Letter of the Day, which is C. Cookie Monster notes that "C" stands for cookie and eventually eats the letter. This is followed by a song titled "C, You're Cool" and an animation segment featuring a strange poem with C words.

A film segment titled "C for Circle" is shown, followed by the Spanish Word of the Day, "Canta." In this segment, Rosita and Slimey take turns singing. Another animation segment showcases sand creatures illustrating the song "Sing," with vocals by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.

Celebrity Linda performs a duet with percussionist Evelyn Glennie. Linda receives the most praise from the audience, including flowers from a little girl, which causes Glennie to leave the stage in a huff.

In a Journey to Ernie segment, Ernie visits Musical Instrument Land. In a Muppet & Kid Moment, Patrick has Ernie guess what song he's playing on his violin.

Global Grover visits Israel and meets children at a kibbutz. The children at the kibbutz make a playhouse together. An animation segment follows, where colored tools build a house out of colored rectangles, squares, and triangles.

In another Muppet & Kid Moment, Samara and the Count count to 10 in sign language. A film segment features the Number of the Day, which is 2. In a cartoon segment, the Bellhop helps two lost kids, Betty and Bobby Blobby, find their parents in the lobby.

An animation segment features two dogs, created by artist William Wegman. Suzie Kabloozie stars in a cartoon segment called "Judge #2."

Elmo's World: Families is featured in this episode, where Elmo explores the concept of families. Finally, in The Adventures of Trash Gordon, Chapter 692, Trash Gordon comes face to face with his double on the Planet Double-Trouble and, to Oscar's dismay, cooperates with him.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter C and by the number 2.