Sesame Street Episode 4177 Abby's first sleepover

Sesame Street Episode 4177
Abby's first sleepover
Season 39 (2008)

the street scenes begin at night with Hoots playing the theme song on his saxophone. Chris closes up the store and welcomes the viewer as he notices Luis and Maria dressed up for their night out dancing. Meanwhile, Abby is floating above Big Bird's doors, dressed in her pajamas and ready for her first sleepover at Big Bird's nest. She shows off the things she brought, such as her floating pillow and book. Big Bird realizes that no one can read the book to them, so Abby suggests Luis and Maria read to them.

As they enter the nest area, Abby points out that she needs her wings brushed before they can read. Abby calls her mom, who sends her a brush via the Fairy Delivery Service. They sing the fairy brushing song as they brush Abby's and Big Bird's wings. Abby then needs to be tucked in, but her pillow floats up and down. Maria tosses the magic blanket up, and it sticks to Abby. Maria starts reading "Hey Diddle Diddle," and the characters from the book appear before them. A rainstorm begins, forcing Luis and Maria to cancel their night out and have the sleepover in their apartment.

Settled in the apartment, Abby calls her mom to tell her what has happened. Her mom grants Maria and Luis a wish, and Luis wishes they could have gone dancing. Abby's wand creates music, a disco ball, and appropriate lighting and clothes. They dance together, enjoying their night in.

In the next scene, Abby and Big Bird watch as the couple continues to dance. They receive a knock at their door from the letter D, who has come to dance with them. Still dancing, they get another knock at the door, this time by the number 13, who also wants to dance. He and Maria share the dance floor.

In the final scene, Abby and Big Bird are now sleeping. Luis and Maria announce the sponsors as they dance by.

The episode begins with an animated lion singing "Dance Myself to Sleep" in a colorful and lively animation created by artist Sally Cruikshank. Following this, a film segment titled "Great Moments at the Sink" showcases Timothy brushing his teeth with sports narration, achieving a perfect 10.0 sink bowl score.

In a Muppets and Celebrity segment, Diana Krall sings "Everybody's Song" with Elmo and everybody in attendance, creating a joyful and musical atmosphere. An animation segment follows, featuring a clay animation of Russian, Arabian, and South American scenes.

A girl bends herself into the shape of the letter D in a film segment, while in another film segment, a man types the letter D and various D words on his laptop, stating that he has "only 25 more to go!"

In a Muppets and Animation segment called "Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures," Ernie and Bert take on the roles of rainforest ecologists. They answer the call of a parrot in danger and confront an operatic beaver who is chewing down trees to make an opera house for a visiting beaver diva. They teach the beaver about the importance of trees for animal homes, and eventually find a solution for the diva's performance.

In a Cartoon segment, Number Creatures #13 is featured, followed by another Cartoon segment where a computer screen displays the number 13. A Muppets segment titled "Murray Has a Little Lamb" has Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leading him to a secret gymnastics school where kids do exercises.

An animated Cartoon segment shows a man talking about how much he loves his bones, with new music added. In a Film segment, a girl takes a bath and prepares to go to sleep. Finally, in a Muppets segment, Elmo's World: Sleep is featured, exploring the concept of sleep and its importance.