Sesame Street Episode 4316

Sesame Street Episode 4316

Finishing the Splat
Season 43 (2012-2013)

What's the Word on the Street: Splatter.

What's the Word on the Street

Scenes: Oscar the Grouch is unpleasant from all the happy people and today. He has a plan to make all of them unhappy. He will make a painting which will be so iritating and someone looks at this will be get angry.  Abby Cadabby goes to see Grouch artist in his work. He adds come messy strokes of paint and thinks it's sufficient. Chris is here too and he is so thrilled when he see artist’s strokes, Oscar feels so upset because everybody is affected Grouch.

Oscar the Grouch goes to the Hooper’s store. Maria is here and there is a mustard bottle in her hand, Oscar is insipired it and fills some paintings in the bottle and uses it to make a new paint. Leela sees it and impresses it, she resembles this work like fireworks.

Oscar gets confused a bit because he does not understand why all of them like his painting, Abby says that it has nice colours. Oscar the Grouch sees the problem and decides that he needs Grouch’s colour, it is a kind of green and he uses and mixes some colour to create Grouch’s green. He can do it and sings a song with Abby.

Everyone returns and applauds his painting. He is glad of his work and he has never been so angry in ages and begins to work on another painting. In this way, the scenes of Sesame Street Episode 4316 are finished.

Celebrity: Kristen Bell is the guest on Episode 4316. Abby Cadabby and Elmo are on the stage with Kristen Bell, Abby shows splatter by using a splatter spell on Elmo.

Sesame Street Episode 4316

Song: “Three main color” songs were sung by OK GO. This song first appeared in episode 4281.

Muppets: One of the “people in your neighborhood” is visited by Ovejita and Murray. Ovejita and Murray give information about Joe Mangrum. Sand paintings are made by Joe Mangrum.


Film: Alphabet Pictures shows the letter "K": A mime flies a kite.

Muppets: K for Super K Cereal. Muppets children has a box of cereal, it is Super K Cereal. This scene was first published in Episode 4193.

Abby's Flying Fairy School: Niblet which is a gerbilcorn, a part-gerbil, part-unicorn creature, is the pet in Abby’s Flying Fairy School. Students play with them. Now it is time for Gonnigan to play with the pet but he is afraid of and runs away. Niblet steals Blogg’s wand, when he tries to get it back, he sees a crayon drawing n the wall. But they can not enter inside it. Spot shows them some videos about the door and they decided to do a door. They think and Abby sees the drawing is Gonnigan’s and he is able to  draw a door. They enter from the door, follow him but he draws a river between them after that Abby Cadabby draws a pumpkin to cross the river. They draw different things to prevent to following and finially Niblet gives Blogg’s wand and he saves them. Mrs. Sparklenose rewards them with a gold star.

Celebrity: Sugarland and Elmo sing songs together. This song was first published in episode 4149.

Muppets: Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures is in the next part, but now Murray and Joe talks about colours it gives some clues about next part.

Animation: “Ten Turtles” animations were made again. This animation was first published in episode 4212.

ten turtles

Muppets: In this part Chris says the Two-Headed Monster to show the number of the day. The Number of the day is 10.

Muppets: Murray and the children present Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures.

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Sesame Street Episode 4316 video continues with Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures. Bert and Ernie are in Australian Outback, they have a camp here. Ernie wants to take a picture of the duck-billed platypus here. They are introduced to Joey, who likes to Rubber Duckie. When they don’t look, the Joey switches places with Rubber Duckie. After some events they can take the pisture of it.

Muppets: Murray and Ovejita's sand picture is made by Joe and Murray.

Sesame Street Episode 4316

Waiter Grover: Grover is a waiter in the Charlie's Russian Restaurant, Mr. Johnson visits here. He wants to order some food, but when he says a meal each time Grover says it is unavailable and Grover and his other waiter friends sing a song and dance each order.

Animation: Some scenes from Russia, Arabia and South America were made in clay form.

Muppets: Murray and two boys present  "Elmo the Musical."

Elmo the Musical - Pizza the Musical: Now it's time for Elmo the Musical on Sesame Street. Elmo dreams himself as Space Pizza Delivery Monster, deliver the number 10 special to Mars. When is near Moon, he loses 6 slices of pizza because of the lack of gravity. Darth Chicken stops Elmo with the laser lights he has to use 3 slices of pizza to prevent laser and send the chicken away. When he arrives Mars, there is no pizza in the box.He says sorry to the Martians, they don’t care.

Pizza the Musical

Muppets: Murray announces the sponsors who are turned into sand by Joe.

SponsorSesame Street Episode 4316 video ends with the presentation of sponsors. At the end of the episode Matt Vogel talks about the National Coalition of Resting People.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter K and by the number 10.