Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo

       Sesame Street Elmo Says BOO! Is a Sesame Street Halloween special episode. First, it was released on VHS in 1997 and then on PBS as Halloween special. In this episode, Elmo visits Count von Count at his castle. He wants to tell him funny and scary jokes.


        Elmo visits Count’s castle and wants to tell him spooky jokes but he gets frightened by all the surroundings. The knocker activates itself, the door shuts itself e.t.c.

        As he and Count are in the castle, the Count asks what is the favourite dessert of a ghost. At the same time, a ghost swoops in sayıng Boo-berry pie! And frightening Elmo. The funny bone of the skeleton sings a song with The Count. The Count sings a song about bones.

Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo

        Baby Bear is at one of the Count’s balconies and tells a girl a scary joke. The Count and Elmo laughing about this joke. Elmo tells also a joke and it makes a painting of the Countess Groan-a-Lisa laugh. Count says Elmo that he shouldn’t be scared. "Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo" continues with Julia Roberts.

Elmo Says Boo

Elmo & Julia Roberts

Elmo and Julia Roberts are demonstrating together a fear scene. Will Elmo scare Julia Roberts?

julia roberts elmo


An orange ball want to play with a green bull but it rolls and scares him away.

Song: Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5

        Lillian and The Count and his All-Bat-Band are singing Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5 song. Rosita tells the ‘boo-who’ knock-knock joke to a girl.

        The Count has a pipe organ. It starts to play itself and tells also a joke. After that, the organ says that a monster song is coming. Elmo knows this song too.

Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo

Song: We Are All Monsters

        Sesame Street Elmo Says BOO continues with a song. Muppets and Elmo are singing ‘We Are All Monsters’ song.

        Joe and Davey Monkey are asking Nicky what did the ghost give the monkeys? Of course ‘BOO-NANAS!’

Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo

        During Ernie and Bert explore an Egyptian pyramid, Ernie is afraid but Bert is very excited. They find some statues that look like them. The Ernie statue starts to talk with Ernie. At the same moment Bert is exploring a tunnel. Ernie calls Bert but as Bert is at the room, the statue doesn’t move. Ernie is scared. Later the statue sings with him ‘Rubber Duckie’ and everything is ok. Bert doesn’t believe him at the beginning. As they are going Ernie says ‘Bye bye statue’ and the statue answers ‘Bye-bye’.

Elmo and The Count listen to a joke by Sir Count-a-Lot. He is the armour of The Count.

Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo

Cartoon: 8 Bats

Artist: Owe Gustafson

Replies Frazzle

Muppets ‘Frazzle’ with Frazzla & The Frazzletones

(Modified version)

Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo


Kingston Livingston III asks a boy what kind of bat knows his ABCs. "The Alpha-Bat!"

This time The Count’s bats tell a joke and Elmo likes it very much. He says they tell great jokes and The Count says that they can also sing great.

The Count sings the song "The Batty Bat." This is one of my favorite songs in "Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo".

Telly just asks a little girl what kind of bat is at the circus. The answer is ‘An acro-bat!’ He has to tell the joke one more time J.

Finally, Elmo and The Count are telling several jokes but they finally get tuckered out. The organ tells them to go to the kitchen to eat some screech cobbler. As Elmo is in the kitchen a laugh like Count’s and a rumble of thunder scares him.

Elmo Says Boo

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