Sesame Street Learning About Letters

Learning About Letters

In this episode of sesame street, we learn all about the Alphabet. This episode is all about the Alphabet and the letters including the Alphabet.


First, Big Bird and Snuffy open up the episode with a little intro, telling us, what the Alphabet or the ABC is and how all the letters in the Alphabet are in a certain order.

MUPPETS / CELEBRITIES: Lena Horne is the guest of Sesame Street Learning About Letters. Then, we see Lena Horne and the Anything Muppets singing the ABC song.

After that, Snuffy leaves to find things or objects that begin with the letter A, because they were talking about this one in the beginning. Big Bird proceeds to go to Telly, who is in a bit of worry and stress because he has to go through the whole alphabet. Then, he shows us several things that each begin with A, B and C.

Learning About Letters

MUPPETS: Cookie Monster is singing the "C is for Cookie" song.


Now, we see Telly again who shows us words with D and E, a dentist and some Elephants.

CARTOON: Frances Fairy is showing us several words that begin with F.


Now, Big Bird and Telly show us some F words followed by Buster who shows us the G word gallop. With the Sesame Street Learning About Letters dvd, we meet all the letters in order.

Sesame Street Letters

CARTOON: We see a man saying Gorilla, which is a G word, and the Gorilla is displayed in a speech balloon.


Buster is zooming past the letter H for Horse.

Sesame Street Learning Letters

CARTOON: We see an animation which displays the word Horse again.

Oscar is displaying the words Irvine, who is holding an Ice cream which Luis finds Icky.


Telly is showing us the word jumping and does the same, so does the word.

CARTOON: We see a speech balloon again, which is displaying the word Key whis has the letter K in it.

MUPPETS: Sesame Street Learning About Letters continues with Ernie and Bert. We see Ernie and Bert who are thinking about singing a song about the letter L. Then they know what to sing. It’s the so called La – La song. They sing La-La and then a word, that begins with the letter L.

Sesame Street Learning About Letters


Big Bird is showing us the letter L in the CLOSED sign. He then tells us that letters can be found everywhere.

FILM: Then we see a video of the letters A - Z on different objects in a city. F.e. on a traffic sign or a mail box.

MUPPETS: Next, we see Kermit showing us how to draw the letter M into the air with your finger, line by line and Grover comes by and asks him what he has drawn, with him then responding "Mmmm!"

Sesame Street Learning About Letters

MUPPETS: Cookie Monster and Herry Monster are singing the M-M-M Monster Meal song. Big Bird appears in the next scene in the Sesame Street Learning About Letters video.


Then we see Big Bird in a nest, telling us words like nest or nap because he is taking a nap in his nest.

CARTOON: We see the "O for Orange" cartoon.


Telly shows us a Piggy Bank that has a Quarter in it.

Sesame Street Learning

CARTOON: Now, we see a cartoon, in which a wizard turns into R things.


Then we see Telly who shows us things that begin with an S, T and a U like spaghetti or toothbrush and the U tells us what words begin with an U like up or unbeatable.

Learning About Letters

CARTOON: We see the cartoon "The Villain in the Panama hat" playing.


Then, Telly and the gang tell us some words beginning with V, W, X and Z like a waffle, an x-ray an yo-yo and a Zebra to wrap up the Alphabet.

Sesame Street Learning About Letters

CARTOON: Then the cartoon "Madrigal Alphabet" is playing.

Then, Luis finally reads the story: The King Banishes the letter P.


The episode ends with Big Bird and Snuffy doing the Alphabet again, together with the gang, because Snuffy was searching things beginning with the letter A the whole time so he missed the Alphabet. Sesame Street Learning About Letters ends.

Learning About Letters

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