Sesame Street Episode 3152

Sesame Street Episode 3152
Oscar can't get the Sesame Street theme out of his head
Season 25

Sesame Street Episode 3152

Sesame Street Episode 3152

Sesame Street Episode 3152

Sesame Street Episode 3152 appears in the 25th season. The name of the Episode is Oscar can't get the Sesame Street theme out of his head. The air date of the episode is December 14, 1993. The number of the Episode is 14 and the letters are I, S. The celebrity guest of Episode 3152 is Carol Channing.

In Episode 3152 of Sesame Street, the opening scene begins with Grundgetta speaking through a megaphone, warning Oscar and the Grouchketeers to cover their ears before the yucky Sesame Street theme song starts playing. Unfortunately, it's too late for Oscar.

As the opening sequence ends, Oscar is relieved that the song is finally over, but to his dismay, the music lingers on in his head, making him happy. Grundgetta tries to help cleanse his mind. After the song, Bob walks by, singing the Sesame Street theme, and it pops back into Oscar's head.

In the second scene, Bob stops by again while Oscar attempts to get the song out of his head with the help of his elephant Fluffy, who trumpets loudly. Oscar then calls for the rest of his animals to make noise, which helps at first, but once Bob leaves, the animals start singing the Sesame Street theme.

Oscar wishes he could get his animals to stop singing the theme in the third scene. Elmo passes by with a STOP sign he made himself, and the animals stop making noise when he displays it to them. Just when Oscar thinks his problem is over, Elmo learns what the animals were doing and leads them into singing the Sesame Street theme once again.

"Angry Annie" is a segment featuring a small girl who vents her rage at the world, frustrated by the problems of everyday life. Her younger brother offers her part of his orange, helping her calm down.

In an animation segment, a boy uses a computer to draw a beautiful sun setting between the mountains.

The Muppets showcase their talents as Mr. Between sings about himself, highlighting the importance of embracing one's uniqueness.

In "It's Hip To Be a Square," artists Vincent Cafarelli and Candy Kugel create an engaging visual experience for the viewers.

In another segment, Lamont, who lives in the city, visits his friend Adrian, who lives in the country. They ride bikes, swim, and have dinner with Adrian's family, showing the beauty of friendship and the joy of spending time together.

A man talks about going to the city in a segment, without noticing he's walking right through it. This highlights the importance of being aware of one's surroundings.

The song "(Sittin' On) A Boat on a Lake" adds a musical touch to the episode, providing a catchy tune for the audience to enjoy.

Carol Channing sings a spoof of "Hello, Dolly!" with Sammy the Snake in a Muppets/Celebrity segment, praising his ability to look and sound like the letter S.

In a cartoon segment, a voice asks a face if it's aware of the letter S, and it is revealed that the face belongs to a snake. This segment teaches children about the letter S in a fun and engaging way.

Ann Marie DeAngelo and her dance partner perform their dance routine. The frame freezes whenever the word STOP comes on, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the performance.

In an animation segment, ornate I's swing through the air to a song, showcasing the beauty of the letter I.

En Vogue sings "Adventure" in a musical segment, entertaining the viewers with their harmonious voices and upbeat tune.

The floating kids form a triangle in a film segment, teaching children about shapes in a visually appealing way.

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