Sesame Street Episode 5014 Let's Draw!

Let's Draw!

Alan finds Elmo, Abby, Charlie, and Rudy preparing to draw together. He sings a cheerful tune about drawing with Rudy, who isn't certain what to draw. Abby proposes that they each draw something they've seen today. Elmo and Abby decide to draw a picture of Alan from earlier when he almost tripped while carrying "five root beer floats." They hand him a tray of glasses and ask him to pose with one leg in the air. Rudy becomes frustrated with his train track drawing, as it doesn't look the way he envisioned. Alan encourages him to relax and keep trying. Rudy experiences a surge of artistic inspiration. Meanwhile, Elmo completes his drawing, featuring just one cup from Alan's tray. Abby's drawing is almost done, but she asks Alan to remain still until she finishes. Charlie completes her drawing of her current and former homes. Rudy points out that her grass is red and the sky is yellow, but Charlie explains that she's using her imagination, which is allowed in art. Abby shows her finished picture, impressing everyone with its dynamic lines that suggest motion. Rudy unveils his transformed drawing, which now depicts worms instead of train tracks. Alan leads everyone in a reprise of his drawing song. Rudy then displays the alterations he's made to his drawing, illustrating the worms participating in a race.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird and Elmo watch a video message from Betty in Dubois, Wyoming.

Elmo and friends sing and clap as they discover the letter of the day - D.

Abby's Amazing Adventures: Basket transforms Abby and Rudy into graphic designers, tasked with creating an eye-catching cereal box design.

Elmo and Abby don their astronaut outfits and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 5.

Celebrity: Maren Morris and friends delightfully perform "Oops! Whoops! Wait, Ah-ha!"

Elmo's World: Drawing

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