Sesame Street Episode 5011 The Great Fruit Strike

The Great Fruit Strike

Mr. Johnson visits Hooper's Store for a snack after organizing his seashell collection. An assortment of fruit eagerly awaits being selected, but Mr. Johnson opts for vegetable soup instead. Then, Elmo and Big Bird enter for a snack and choose different foods. The fruit becomes frustrated with being overlooked and decides to leave, seeking appreciation elsewhere. As the fruit waits for the bus, Zoe enters the store, hoping for a fruit smoothie. Disappointed by the absence of fruit, she reveals she has written a song about bananas, joined by Alan and Elmo. Hearing this, the banana decides to return to the store. Inspired, the others create songs to express their appreciation for the fruit. First, Alan leads a country tune about his love for tomatoes. Next, Elmo performs a rap about his favorite fruit - grapes. Big Bird adores all fruits, so everyone joins him in a song celebrating the wonders of fruit. The fruit returns to Hooper's Store, feeling appreciated. Mr. Johnson wants to join the fun and sings his own energetic number about fruit, accompanied by back-up monsters. Mr. Johnson and the monsters continue their lively fruit performance. Elmo, Zoe, and Big Bird say goodbye.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird and Elmo watch a video from his road trip, featuring his new friend Grace in Decatur, Georgia.

Elmo and the gang present the letter of the day, F, through a lively song and dance.

Celebrity: Chrissy Teigen attempts to discuss fruit when she is suddenly invited to compete against Gonger on Cookie Monster's "Name That Fruit" game show.

Food Rap Battle: An apple and banana engage in a rap battle to become Elmo's favorite snack.

Cookie Monster and friends sing as they eagerly anticipate the number of the day, which represents how many cookies are being baked for him to devour. Today's number is 15.

Elmo's World: Fruit

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