Sesame Street Episode 4935 Cookie Monster's Museum Mystery

Cookie Monster's Museum Mystery

Chris, Elmo, and Cookie Monster excitedly welcome viewers as they make their way to the grand opening of Sesame Street's latest attraction - The Museum of Modern Cookie. The museum is filled with well-known cookie-themed art, which tempts Cookie Monster's appetite. His friends, however, ensure he doesn't consume any of the exhibits. As they explore, they meet Prairie Dawn, who now works as a tour guide and shows them around. Cookie Monster is captivated by the famous Muncha Lisa painting, but a vigilant guard (Rachel Dratch) prevents him from getting too close. After Chris and the monsters leave to grab a snack, Cookie Monster stays behind to admire the painting once more but finds an empty frame instead. The guard, suspecting Cookie Monster is the thief, calls the cookie patrol and a thrilling chase unfolds, ultimately leading to their expulsion from the museum. Outside, they meet Abby Cadabby, who uses her magic to turn them into cookie art in an effort to catch the real thief. Abby's plan succeeds, and the little cookie thief is eventually caught and encouraged to create his own art. This culminates in a spirited rendition of "Make Your Own Art," and Grover's accidental creation of a new cookie artwork. Elmo opens his own art museum, and although it lacks cookie art, Cookie Monster is pleased to find cookies waiting for him in the "cafeteria."

Abby Cadabby leads the group in a musical number to introduce the letter of the day - M.

Abby's Amazing Adventures: In this animated short, Abby and Rudy take on the roles of curators at a natural history museum, where Basket instructs them to determine the proper placement of animals in their respective dioramas.

While awaiting the number of the day, Cookie Monster and his friends sing together. The number corresponds to the amount of cookies baked for Cookie Monster to enjoy, and today's special number is 18.

Elmo's World: Painting

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