Sesame Street Episode 4925 Welcome to Sesame Hospital

Welcome to Sesame Hospital

After visiting their friend Raul in the hospital, Abby, Rosita, and Telly decide to create a pretend hospital, Sesame Hospital, with Rosita as the doctor, Abby as the nurse, and Telly as the x-ray technician. Chris becomes their patient, complaining of a hurt funny bone. Telly's makeshift x-ray reveals no broken bones, so they wrap Chris' arm in a "no-bendy bandage." Cookie Monster visits Chris during visiting hours but ends up eating his gift cookie, flowers, and card. With Chris leaving for errands, the game seems over until Telly switches roles and becomes a patient who can't stop sneezing. Abby and Rosita encourage the viewer to try playing hospital too.

Plan the Play: Elmo replays scenes from the street story, followed by footage of live kids playing hospital too.

Abby Cadabby leads the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - H.

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: A young boy orders some pumpkin soup, which he will bring to his brother in the hospital. However, all that remains of the Foodie Truck's pumpkin supply is the top, which Cookie uses as a stylish hat. The monsters drive off to the pumpkin patch to get another pumpkin.

Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 13.

Elmo's World: Doctors

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