Sesame Street Episode 4914 Sesame Friendship

Sesame Friendship

Big Bird proudly displays his largest block castle ever to Alan and Nina, then leaves to fetch one more block to make it even taller. In his absence, Zoe and Rosita accidentally knock the castle down during a football game. Afraid of the consequences, they hide nearby. When Snuffy stumbles upon the scene, Big Bird mistakenly assumes he is responsible for the destruction. Snuffy attempts to defend himself, but Big Bird leaves upset. Realizing the situation, Zoe and Rosita devise a plan to take the blame by disguising Zoe as "Mr. Fuzzlebuzz." Meanwhile, Snuffy confides in Alan, who encourages him to stand up for himself. Rosita introduces "Mr. Fuzzlebuzz" to Big Bird, but Alan sees through the disguise. When Zoe's mustache falls off, they admit the truth and vow to make things right. After Big Bird learns what really happened, he, Snuffy, and the monsters come together to rebuild the castle, demonstrating understanding and forgiveness.

Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, F, with a song and dance.

Celebrity: Gwen Stefani and her furry, feathered pals sing about how to "Be a Good Friend."

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: On a hot day, a boy wants to do something kind for his friends and orders some refreshing fruit smoothies. Cookie Monster and Gonger have all they need, except for milk, so they drive to the farm and factory to see the process of making milk.

Cookie Monster and friends sing as they wait for the number of the day, which is how many cookies are being baked for him.

Celebrity: Andy Grammer and friends sing "Plan the Play."

Elmo's World: Friends

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