Sesame Street Episode 4816 Street Food

Sesame Street Episode 4816
Street Food
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4816 Street Food.

Sesame Street Episode 4816 Street Food.

Sesame Street Episode 4816 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is Street Food. The air date of the episode is March 3, 2018. The number of the Episode is 3 and the letter is F. Padma Lakshmi visits Sesame Street.

Street Food

Elmo and Chris enthusiastically welcome everyone to Sesame Street, which is buzzing with the energy of an international food festival, showcasing delicacies from diverse nations. Their first stop is at Rosita and her grandmother's booth, featuring mouth-watering Mexican dishes. Cookie Monster makes an appearance and voraciously devours some tamales, inadvertently getting sticky flan stuck to his fur.

Abby and Rudy join the festivities. The group offers Rudy some tamales, but he's hesitant to try something new. Abby reminds him of their father's advice to embrace novel experiences. Chris believes they might find something appealing to Rudy at another booth.

They approach Lily, a tiger from China, who introduces them to a variety of Chinese dishes, notably wontons. Rudy, however, isn't immediately taken with the appearance of the wontons and requests a familiar corn dog. Lily, amused, explains that corn dogs aren't common in China, just like she had never tasted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich until her visit to America.

Cookie Monster proudly displays the assortment of food items he's collected in his fur, only to be besieged by a group of ravenous chickens. The team then directs Rudy to Alan's booth, which showcases Japanese cuisine. Alan introduces them to udon, which Abby likens to spaghetti, in hopes of enticing Rudy. Although Rudy remains reluctant, Abby samples a noodle and enjoys it.

Next, they visit Zuzu's booth, where she introduces them to chakalaka, a spicy South African dish, which Chris, an aficionado of spicy foods, eagerly samples. The final stop is Chamki's Indian stall, offering palak paneer and naan bread. Abby draws a comparison between this and a grilled cheese sandwich, one of Rudy's favorites. Zuzu admits that after trying the palak paneer, it has become one of her favorite dishes. Finally, Rudy gives in to curiosity, tries some, and instantly asks for more.

While everyone continues to savor the diverse food offerings, Cookie Monster scurries past, still pursued by the determined chickens.

Kindness Cam

Sesame Street Episode 4816. Kindness Cam

The letter of the day, F.

Sesame Street Episode 4816. The letter of the day, F.

Sesame Chef competition hosted by Padma Lakshmi.

Sesame Street Episode 4816. Sesame Chef competition hosted by Padma Lakshmi.

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: A boy orders some tacos from Cookie Monster and Gonger.

Sesame Street Episode 4816. Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck. A boy orders some tacos from Cookie Monster and Gonger.

The number of the day, 3.

Sesame Street Episode 4816. The number of the day, 3.

Elmo's World Cooking

Sesame Street Episode 4816. Elmo's World Cooking

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