Sesame Street Episode 4809 Our Family's Way

Sesame Street Episode 4809
Our Family's Way
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4809 Our Family's Way

Sesame Street Episode 4809 Our Family's Way

Sesame Street Episode 4809 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is Our Family's Way. The air date of the episode is January 13, 2018. The number of the Episode is 19 and the letter is F.

Elmo greets the audience while sketching a portrait of his family and Abby's, as they are expected for dinner at his apartment. Upon spotting Abby, Freddy, and Rudy at the door, Elmo calls out to Louie to welcome their guests. As Abby's family steps in, Elmo proudly showcases his drawing. With both their moms away at a book club, Louie states that it's a fun evening just for the dads and kids. The young ones are excited about playing, but Louie insists on having dinner first. This confuses Rudy, who is used to playing before meals in his own home, but Freddy assures him that families have different routines which could be equally enjoyable.

As they begin preparing dinner, Louie's democratic approach to choosing the meal - fish sticks with mashed potatoes or pizza with salad - further puzzles Rudy as it is something they don't do at his home. The unanimous vote goes to pizza. Louie then engages everyone in a round of "One of These Things" while setting out pizza toppings. After Abby correctly identifies the odd one out, Louie allows Rudy to provide an alternate answer in a second round. Louie proceeds to prepare two different pizzas - one for the kids and the other for the dads.

While the pizzas bake, Rudy suggests they play. Freddy sparks off a cheerful song about the essence of family, and everyone joins in. As they relish the cooked pizzas, Rudy proposes that Elmo's family could visit their home next time to experience their dinner routine.

Elmo, Abby, and their friends joyfully present the letter of the day, F, with a lively song and dance.

In the "Smart Cookies" segment, the team is tasked with babysitting and protecting the baby's teething biscuit from the Crumb. The Crumb, disguised as a baby, manages to hide the biscuit, leading to the baby's incessant crying. Cookie Monster pacifies the baby with Figby while they brainstorm a solution. Miss Fortune hints that the biscuit is beneath something fluffy and cuddly. Despite the clues, Cookie mistakenly checks under a rock and a tiger, squashing the team in the process. Eventually, he realizes the biscuit is hidden under the baby's teddy bear. After the Crumb is thwarted, the baby leads the chase against him.

Count von Count and his friends engage in a rhythmic song and dance, stomping their feet to reveal the number of the day, 19.

Elmo's World: Siblings

The letter of the day, F.

Sesame Street Episode 4809. The letter of the day, F.

F is for Family

Sesame Street Episode 4809. F is for Family

What is a Family?

Sesame Street Episode 4809. What is a Family

Smart Cookies: The Hidden Teething Biscuit

Sesame Street Episode 4809. Smart Cookies. The Hidden Teething Biscuit

Count von Count presents the number of the day, 19.

Sesame Street Episode 4809. Count von Count presents the number of the day, 19.

Elmo's World Siblings

Sesame Street Episode 4809. Elmo's World Siblings

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