Sesame Street Episode 4806 Clothing Drive

Sesame Street Episode 4806
Clothing Drive
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4806 Clothing Drive

Sesame Street Episode 4806 Clothing Drive

Sesame Street Episode 4806 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is Clothing Drive. The air date of the episode is December 23, 2017. The number of the Episode is 13 and the letter is C.

Nina stumbles upon Rudy, struggling to wear his favorite, albeit too tight, sweater. She gently explains that Rudy has grown, unlike his sweater. Despite the ill fit, they attempt to make it work, only to find Rudy's movement severely restricted. Frustrated, Rudy decides to discard the sweater. Oscar, however, rejects Rudy's sweater, stating it's too nice to be considered trash. Heartbroken, Rudy sits on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street, reminiscing about his treasured memories with the sweater, even singing a touching song about it. Observing Rudy's attachment to the sweater, Nina suggests that rather than discarding it, he should gift it to someone who could use it. Although Rudy tries to offer the sweater to Ernie, Bert, a mouse, and a monster, they all have sweaters already. Nina, coming to the rescue again, proposes organizing a clothing drive, enabling them to donate old clothes to those in need.

Assisted by Julia, Nina and Rudy successfully set up a mini clothing drive outside Hooper's Store. Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, and others donate their old clothes, making the event a hit. Despite the successful event, Rudy's sweater remains unclaimed. That is, until a family arrives, and their young daughter, Karen, falls in love with Rudy's sweater. Delighted to find it a perfect fit, Rudy feels comforted knowing that his beloved sweater will continue to bring joy.

Elmo and friends engage the viewers with a lively song and dance routine, introducing the letter of the day, C.

In an educational segment titled "C Is for Clothing," children learn how to create their own clothes.

The letter S is showcased in a creative segment, "S Is for Seasons," where a boy explains the four seasons using intricate paper cut-outs.

In a thrilling episode of "Smart Cookies: Long Arm of the Bear Claw," the Smart Cookies team protects Mona Morsel's "Dress Up Like a Cookie" party from the Crumb. Despite their best efforts, the Crumb releases his giant Bear Claw, stealing everyone's outfits. Cookie Monster attempts to fend off the Bear Claw singlehandedly but soon realizes the importance of teamwork. With cooperation, they successfully neutralize the Bear Claw, ready to face the Crumb next. But first, they need to keep Cookie Monster from devouring the remaining outfits.

Count von Count, along with friends, introduces the number of the day, 13, through a catchy song and dance routine.

Kindness Cam: Elmo replays Rudy's scenario.

Sesame Street Episode 4806. Kindness Cam. Elmo replays Rudy's scenario.

The letter of the day, C.

Sesame Street Episode 4806. The letter of the day, C.

C is for Clothing

Sesame Street Episode 4806. C is for Clothing

S is for Seasons

Sesame Street Episode 4806. S is for Seasons

Smart Cookies: Long Arm of the Bear Claw.

Sesame Street Episode 4806. Smart Cookies, Long Arm of the Bear Claw.

Count von Count presents the number of the day: 13.

Sesame Street Episode 4806. Count von Count presents the number of the day, 13.

Thirteen's Not So Lucky

Sesame Street Episode 4806. Thirteen's Not So Lucky

Elmo's World Clothing.

Sesame Street Episode 4806. Elmo's World Clothing.

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